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Terms of use

Service terms and conditions

If you are wondering what are the terms behind using our services, you’ve come to the right place! We have put together our Service Terms and Conditions for your use of and registration of Infobip’s services. They outline your responsibilities towards using our services.

Website terms of use

You’ve been exploring our website either for our products, documentation, or resources. Here you can find out the terms of use while browsing our website and contacting us.

Key privacy documents

Privacy Notice

If you are wondering how we process your personal data, then this is the best place to start! Review our Privacy Notice for detailed information about our processing activities. You can also check here our plain language overview of some of our key privacy practices.

Find out how we utilize cookies (the non-edible ones) and how you can manage your cookie consent at any point by reading through our Cookie Policy.

Global Environmental Policy

If you are wondering about Infobip’s environmental efforts this is the right place for you. Review our Global Environmental Policy and learn more about our commitment to a more sustainable future.