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Last updated: Monday, 14th Aug ’23

Welcome to Infobip,

This dedicated space has been established to facilitate the processing of law enforcement requests EXCLUSIVELY from authorized entities. The information contained herein is strictly intended for utilization by public authorities, law enforcement personnel and official representatives of government/regulatory agencies and public entities with proper authorization.


Our unwavering commitment is to uphold a platform that is not only secure but also built on trust. In our ongoing efforts to combat practices such as spamming, smishing, and other unsolicited activities, we maintain a close collaborative relationship with law enforcement agencies and official government bodies. Through this collaboration, our aim is to cultivate a safer online sphere that benefits everyone.

At INFOBIP, we strongly condemn any form of spamming, smishing, or unsolicited messaging. We are fully aware of the disruptive and harmful impact such practices can have on individuals and organizations. Therefore, we actively implement stringent measures to prevent these activities on our platform. We are dedicated to cooperating with law enforcement and government agencies to swiftly address any such issues and take appropriate actions against the perpetrators.

What kind of information does Infobip have access to?

Infobip, being an aggregator in the process of transmission of electronic communication, never originates any message or call. At the same time, phone numbers registered to Infobip are typically subleased to an Infobip customer. Additionally, Infobip is not able to identify whether our customer is the originator of a message or call nor whether it is the direct user of a phone number or the same has been resold to their customer. Thus, in most cases Infobip might not possess the requested information, but will, if provided with valid legal basis for disclosing such information, rather provide the authority with its customer contact information to obtain the necessary data.

When it comes to personal data, the particular information Infobip generally has (and keeps and deletes in accordance to our Data Retention Policy) are the following ones:

  • name, address and other personal data of our client if said client is a natural person (namely, our clients are mostly legal persons, such as enterprise customers, however natural persons such as enterpreneurs and developers use our services in their regular course of business as well)
  • MSISDN of end-user 
  • SMS content (if it contains personal data) 

What services does Infobip provide?

Infobip is a global leader in omnichannel communication. We make it our business to simplify how brands connect with, engage and delight their customers at global scale.

Our programmable communications platform delivers a suite of tools for advanced customer engagement and support, plus security and authentication. We make this available to you across the widest range of communication channels possible.

One Platform. All Channels.

For developers and business alike.

We assist businesses and developers build, coordinate and intelligently orchestrate all engagement activities across their customers’ lifecycle. We provide a programmable single-interface within a scalable and easy to use communication platform. For information regarding our products and services, please see:

We value the important work undertaken by law enforcement and government bodies in ensuring a secure digital ecosystem. As such, we are committed to providing timely and efficient responses to your official requests while adhering to all applicable laws and regulations.

Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining a safer online environment.

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