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Last changed: Mon, 27th Sep '21

List of Sub-processors

To ensure an efficient provision of INFOBIP Services, INFOBIP sometimes may engage its affiliates (list of affiliates is available here) and third parties as Sub-processors. In order to provide specific functionalities within INFOBIP Services, these Sub-processors may have access to the personal data processed on behalf of the customers, as specified in the data processing agreement concluded with the customer (Customer’s Data).

With nearly 30 data centers all around the globe, INFOBIP is in a position to support provision of its Services and storage of Customer’s Data in line with the customer’s choice and preferences.

Unless otherwise agreed upon with the customer in writing (and whenever the customer requires it), INFOBIP shall ensure that the Customer’s Data are stored and processed at the processing systems located in INFOBIP data centers within the European Union. Our main data center is located in Frankfurt, Germany. Any transfer of personal data to INFOBIP’s data centers located outside the European Union can be made only upon such an explicit instruction of the customer.

Nevertheless, INFOBIP is a global company and it is possible that authorized employees from our affiliated companies have access to Customer’s Data. Namely, INFOBIP is able to offer customer care and technical support to its customers by operating a 24/7 “follow the sun” support model that leverages its support engineers in countries where INFOBIP operates so sometimes INFOBIP will provide such support from outside the European Union. This support is carried out only by accessing Customer Data on its original location (data center chosen by the customer) without transferring it into another jurisdiction, and is performed in a secure way enabled by strong authentication measures and access protocols according to INFOBIP Group security policies. All INFOBIP’s intercompany processing is regulated by the INFOBIP Group intercompany data processing agreement and, where applicable, EC Standard Contractual Clauses.

You can find an up-to-date list of Sub-processors below.

Sub‑processorPurpose of sub-processingSub-processing locationTransfer mechanism
Microsoft Ireland Operations LimitedProvisioning of cloud services for storage and computing, networking, monitoring and analytics, including proxying and balancing; supporting services for Text-to-Speech (TTS).Customer Data is hosted at the customer’s selected location, as set out in agreement for INFOBIP ServicesN/A
Amazon Web Services, Inc.Provisioning of cloud hosting for various services – data analysis, email campaigns, proxying and balancing for white-label customers. That includes auxiliary utilities such as DNS, monitoring and support.
Storage, provision of products and services used for communication between Infobip platform and other origination or termination points for various communication services; supporting services for Text-to-Speech (TTS) like Amazon Polly.
Customer Data is hosted at the customer’s selected location, as set out in agreement for INFOBIP ServicesEC Standard Contractual Clauses
Google LLCProvisioning of Google Cloud Platform and related technical support for Text-to-Speech (TTS).USAEC Standard Contractual Clauses
GoodData Ireland
Product analyticsCustomer Data is hosted at the customer’s selected location, as set out in agreement for INFOBIP Services.N/A
Infobip AffiliatesProvisioning of customer care and technical support.GlobalEC Standard Contractual Clauses

At the link below customers may subscribe to receive notifications of changes within the sub-processors’ list.

Please also read the INFOBIP Privacy Notice and Cookie Policy to see other categories of recipients of Customer Data.

List of Processors

To ensure an efficient conduct of our everyday business activities INFOBIP, as a controller, sometimes uses trusted third parties who may process personal data on our behalf. The list of our processors is listed below.

ProcessorPurpose of processingProcessing locationTransfer mechanism Inc.Provision of CRM platform.USAEC Standard Contractual Clauses
Oracle CorporationProvision of marketing platform.USAEC Standard Contractual Clauses
Zendesk, Inc.Provisioning of cloud-based customer service software and support ticketing system/help desk solution.USAEC Standard Contractual Clauses
Atlassian, Inc.Provisioning of contracted Cloud Products (e.g., Jira, Slack, etc.).USAEC Standard Contractual Clauses
DocuSign, Inc.Provisioning of document management.USAEC Standard Contractual Clauses
Gainsight, Inc.Provisioning of digital behavior data on users logged in to INFOBIP web interface and facilitates in-app communication.USAEC Standard Contractual Clauses
SmartRecruiters, Inc.Provisioning of a recruitment tool.EU, USAEC Standard Contractual Clauses
FullStory, Inc.Provisioning of web analytics, user session recordings and digital behavior data for user interface optimizations.USAEC Standard Contractual Clauses
MindTickle, Inc.Provisioning of contracted productsEU, USA, SingaporeEC Standard Contractual Clauses

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