Create memorable conversational experiences with RCS Business Messaging

RCS Business Messaging is a native channel that enables businesses to engage with customers through branded, rich, conversational messaging.

Connect with customers worldwide over RCS Business Messaging

With functionality that outperforms traditional channels, RCS Business Messaging helps businesses elevate engagement and reach customers in powerful new ways.


campaign revenue growth

Source: Club Comex customer story


higher CTR

Source: BankBaazar customer story


12-month growth of RCS Business Messaging users

Source: Mobilesquared, December 2022

Message to impress

Because every touchpoint matters.


Branded business messages

Reach out to customers with branded and personalized messaging delivered straight to their inbox.


Deliver rich media experiences

Boost your brand communication by delivering rich engagement that builds trust. Add your logo, brand name, videos, images, and carousels to your messaging and boost conversions.


Reach, attract and convert

Be unique and stand out from your competition by sending engaging and reliable conversational RCS messages that convert.


Stay close to your customers

Be there for your customers, understand their habits, identify their needs, personalize your communication, and build lasting relationships that drive loyalty.

Programmable support with RCS Business Messaging API

Easily integrate RCS with your existing systems via API and take advantage of all the rich features and campaign analytics.

Easily integrate RCS with other cloud solutions

Use a single omnichannel platform to connect RCS to the tools and technology that your business and customers already use.

Omnichannel customer engagement solution

Create personalized customer journeys and engage with customers with the right message at the right time.

customer data platform

Unify customer data from many sources on one single customizable interface and build detailed profiles to support the best behavior based CX.

Intelligent chatbot-building platform

Build real-time automated communications using AI or rule-based chatbots for all customer inquiries that come through RCS messages.

Cloud contact center solution

Allow customers to contact a live agent directly from the RCS message and keeps all messages available for agents to have a full contextual view of past interactions.

Rich communication messaging features

Level up your engagement by creating rich branded messaging that develops relationships using two-way interactive communication.

Take your customers on branded journeys

Improve your overall customer journey with RCS Business Messaging.

Explore how businesses are elevating customer engagement with RCS

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Make every interaction count

Leverage the power of RCS Business Messaging to gain more engagement, better customer experience, and higher conversion rates.