Club Comex: Campaign revenue growth of 115% with RCS Business Messaging


increase in revenue


increase in click-through rate


Low engagement and sales among existing customers

Over the years, Club Comex has used SMS messaging campaigns to deliver offers and information directly to its members. One of the main objectives of these campaigns was to drive traffic to their website via hyperlinks. However, they found that the SMS experience was not optimized to encourage a high rate of click-throughs, which typically sat at only 2-3%.

Operating in the paint and coatings industry, they felt their communications should be vibrant and enriched with images and videos for customers to fully understand their value proposition. While SMS messaging remains the fastest and most universal means of reaching a company’s customer base, they were looking for a more illustrative messaging channel.

They wanted a campaign that offered new options for communicating in a more visually impactful way.


Upgrading to RCS Business Messaging to boost engagement and drive sales

Club Comex wanted to incorporate the flexibility and functionality of over-the-top (OTT) chat apps into its messaging campaigns while retaining the reliability and reach of SMS. The company saw RCS as an opportunity to explore a range of branded, rich and interactive mobile experiences that could be delivered straight to the default Android messaging app via the RCS mobile messaging platform.

Club Comex ran two campaigns featuring RCS with expert consultancy from Infobip about best practices in engagement.

The first campaign, “Regalon Regalitro”, aimed to generate direct sales by giving a liter of paint per gallon purchased. The campaign launched country-wide over a three-day period. This was similar to a campaign they ran over SMS one year prior, but this time RCS enabled the use of rich branded content and images. These features ensured higher engagement while also offering testing flexibility and the ability to track and analyze RCS results in real-time over Infobip’s platform.

Club Comex RCS Campaign example

The second campaign was focused on spreading the content from “Sensaciones” – the only interior design magazine in Mexico. The objective was to bring inspiration through tips and images so that people would like to refresh their spaces with new colors.

Information was shared with Club Comex members on how to improve and refresh home design, accompanied by images, video, audio, and web links to elevate the user experience. The company sent messages featuring articles and stories from the magazine to entice engagement.


RCS campaigns generated a 115% increase in revenue and a ten-fold increase in click-through rate

When delivered via RCS, the first, sales-focused campaign resulted in a revenue increase of 115% over the previous year’s SMS communication. Additionally, click-throughs jumped to 7.9% from less than 3%.

Their second customer-nurturing campaign using the magazine imagery resulted in a click-through rate of 20.6% – approximately ten times more than the campaign average with SMS.

With demonstrated success in increasing both revenue and engagement rates, Club Comex continues to deliver more visually appealing and interactive native mobile messaging campaigns to their members via RCS Business Messaging.

I am very pleased with the success of our RCS campaigns as they have led to a 115% increase in our revenue. Switching from SMS to RCS has also helped us increase click-through rates from 2% to 20%. It’s a new experience for our customers, giving them clear ideas of inspiration, colors and products through photos, videos and interactive buttons. Ultimately, it helps them easily understand our value proposition when they can visually see the possibilities.

Rebeca González Huerta

Senior Marketing Manager Loyalty and CRM

Company Profile

Club Comex

Club Comex is the loyalty program of one of the largest paint manufacturers and distributors in Mexico, Comex. Their expansive retail network includes more than 5, 000 retail stores and their products are used in an estimated 40 million projects annually. Customers who are members of Club Comex accumulate points with every transaction and are then able to use them for future purchases or exchange them for various prizes.