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Share Promotional Offers via RCS

RCS use case - share promo offers - high-level overview

Using RCS, businesses can expand their branding content to the end users by sending promotional content and discount offers. Thanks to rich functionalities of this channel, photos, and interactive buttons, end users are likely to engage with such content. This then triggers direct sales and income to the business. RCS allows you to offer several products in a single carousel message.

This use case will show you how to build a two-way Flow to boost message response rates by allowing customers to respond by taping on an interactive button within the message. The RCS carousel message allows customers to view several products/offers and by taping on the button underneath each object.

Additionally, the platform allows our clients to verify if the user has seen the message and how they interacted with the content. Based on that, our clients have sufficient information to fine-tune their marketing and customer engagement activities.


To start communicating with your customers over RCS, you must collect and store their opt-ins

Process Workflow

RCS use case - share promo offers - process workflow


Steps over Web Interface

  1. Log in to the Infobip web interface, navigate to the Moments module > CREATE FLOW > Start from Scratch.

  2. Select Predefined Audience and add the audience you want to receive the promo offer.

  3. Name your campaign.

  4. Add the Send RCS message element, select the sender and compose the message content. Choose Card as your content type and then customize your message (orientation, card content, media, and add card suggestions). Click CLOSE when finished.

For example:

Card content: “SEASONAL SALE! Save up to 60% on your order today.”

Card suggestions: “20% discount”, “30% discount”, “60% discount”

Send RCS message with carousel to share promo offers

  1. Add Evaluate inbound RCS and define your conditions. Click CLOSED when finished.
  2. To each condition, add the Send RCS message element, select Carousel for each condition and customize your RCS carousel messages. Click CLOSED when finished.

Send RCS message - use case - send promo offers using a carousel message

  1. Click VALIDATE when finished and launch the RCS campaign.

Here’s how the entire flow looks like:

Here's how the entire flow looks like - Send promo offers with RCS


Track the number of clicks for each step in the flow by adding the Add Tag element. Connect it to the RCS keyword you defined in the Evaluate Inbound element. Navigate to the Analyze module to view these analytics.

To see how Club Comex used RCS to achieve a campaign revenue growth of 115% with RCS Business Messaging, check out our Customer Stories.

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