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Numbers and Short Codes

Numbers in more than 50 countries in minutes

Be accessible with numbers in more than 50 countries, provisioned through our web interface and API in minutes. 

Give your customers the convenience of local long numbers and short codes to contact you for promotions, voting, surveys, or support. 


    Cut out the middle man

    • Acquire and manage your short codes or virtual long numbers through our web interface or API – ready-to-use with no need for additional technical or commercial setup. Our self-serve platform even lets you set up automated two-way communication flows.
  • FLOW

    Shape the customer experience from end-to-end

    • Improve the customer experience by integrating numbers into automated communication flows with embedded conditional responses that react appropriately to user inputs.

    Push and Pull

    • Our numbers support message forwarding to any server via Webhook, email, SMPP or IP address, allowing you to create a single view of all customer inputs, regardless of channel.
    Cut out the middle man
  • 02 FLOW
    Shape the customer experience from end-to-end
    Push and Pull

Numbers in more than 50 countries in minutes

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    Always be local

    Create a dedicated presence with virtual long numbers and short codes in more than 50 countries, while avoiding the complexity of local licenses and infrastructure. Call forwarding through the cloud makes you locally accessible wherever you want to be. 


    One number, multiple channels

    We also offer numbers that are both voice and SMS-enabled, so you have the flexibility to contact customers over their channel of choice. 

  • The functionality the new Infobip two-way SMS app brings to Zendesk is something that our users have consistently asked for and opens up a new communication channel on the Zendesk platform with coverge we’ve not had before. Having excellent technologies for global delivery easily available from the cloud is a worthy addition to Zendesk.

    Eric Shen
    Partnership and integration manager
  • It has been fantastic working with Infobip on this project. Not only has the technology been easy to implement, the people at Infobip also use Strava. They understand how important Beacon is to our athletes.

    Ethan Hollinshead
    Senior Product Manager
  • Infobip introduced a short code system that helped us work faster and smarter. With their advanced technology, we are able to automatically plug information into Infobip’s backend system so that we can validate entries within seconds.

    Ignotius Maimela
    Client Services Manager
  • Infobip made a vast improvement to our internal communications. By fully automating one of the most cumbersome aspects of our billing process, the platform enabled us to operate with maximum efficiency.

    Raju Hiremath
    IT Assistant General Manager

  • Increase customer base

    Enable potential customers to easily sign up for your services or promotions by sending an opt-in message over a recognizable number.

  • Improve customer support

    Assign specific customer support numbers to different customer segments and issues. Before the customer says hello, your team will know the type of issue they are dealing with.

  • Stay in line with market rules

    Ensure your customers have an “unsubscribe” option for promotional messages and comply with customer preferences and market regulations.

  • Improve staff management

    Enable two-way communication between your field staff and the office. Improve organization and staff security.

  • Optimize internal processes

    Reduce the number of tedious tasks for your staff by enabling machine-to-machine communication.

The omnichannel cloud communications platform for developers and businesses alike.

Infobip API

Use any programmable language to easily integrate various communication channels and modules into your business workflows.

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Infobip Web Interface

Build customer journeys easily with drag and drop automated workflows and create detailed profiles to personalize customer communication.

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The Infobip Advantage

  • Local, Globally

    Our local presence enables us to react faster and have everyday interactions with our customers, providing solutions in-line with their needs, local requirements and based on proven best-practices.

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  • Scalable, Fast and Flexible Solutions

    Our solutions are created to adapt to the constantly changing market and communication trends at speeds and levels of precision and personalization that only an in-house solution can offer.

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  • Own Infrastructure

    Our infrastructure easily scales horizontally, leveraging the hybrid cloud model to never run out of resources. 

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  • Remarkable Customer Experience

    We will help you get up and running in no time, whether it’s assisting with integrations, messaging best practices or solutions consultancy.

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  • Numbers in more than 50 countries in minutes

    Be accessible with numbers in more than 50 countries, provisioned through our web interface and API in minutes.