Automatically block fraudulent OTP traffic with Infobip Signals

Only pay for legitimate OTP messages and stop any fraudulent senders with a fully equipped and reliable OTP traffic protection solution.

Safeguard your business with a comprehensive and automated security solution

Only pay for legitimate traffic

By blocking fraudulent requests, Infobip Signals ensures you stay within your OTP budget and are not charged for fraudulent attacks.

Completely automated solution

With machine learning and adaptive algorithms, fraudulent traffic is automatically blocked with no extra work required from your end, allowing you to focus on genuine senders only.

Trusted MSISDN

Manage your own MSISDN list, and ensure Infobip Signals never blocks numbers on your list as fraudulent.

Configurable blocking settings

Tailor your fraud protection settings to fit the region or network you are sending OTPs in, depending on how likely artificial traffic is to occur.


Infobip Signals doesn’t require any integration, meaning you can start blocking fake OTP traffic with zero effort or work needed from your business.

Keep your OTP service running smoothly – even during a fraud attack

Infobip Signals blocks any OTP fraudulent traffic while allowing you to continue to use your messaging service without any interruptions to legitimate traffic.

Reach customers worldwide with the best delivery rates via Infobip

Integrate a fully programmable omnichannel service to scale your messages worldwide with a reliable industry leader.

450 Bn

interactions on our platform per year


coverage to mobile phones worldwide

2.5 Bn

SMS messages delivered on Black Friday 2022


direct operator connections

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Safeguard your business with a fully equipped OTP fraud protection solution