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Multiple options for SMS authentication

Can we still rely on passwords?

Fraudsters and hackers have it easy when it comes to cracking passwords. That’s because the majority of people use easy-to-remember, short passwords that are simple to crack.

Flawed passwords

Some of the biggest mistakes people make when creating passwords include:

  • Using personal information
  • Changing one character to reset a password
  • Reusing old passwords
  • Using one word
  • Using less than 8 characters

This leaves people vulnerable to hackers and fraudsters accessing their data and information.

Types of authentication

Business can help protect their customers from attacks on simple passwords by adding a second layer of protection through:

  • Multi-layered authentication
  • Biometrics
  • Artificial intelligence

Why SMS 2FA is important


of breaches are due to weak or stolen passwords
Source: Dataprot


of people use the same password for multiple accounts
Source: Dataprot

What is SMS two-factor authentication?

SMS two-factor authentication offers a simple and efficient way to authenticate user identity with additional information that is unique to them.

It includes a combination of their password with:

  • A code sent to their device
  • Biometrics

How does [SMS 2FA] work?

SMS 2FA reduces the chances of users being hacked, since fraudsters would need both their password and their mobile device.

Benefits of SMS 2FA

All you need is your phone

There is no additional hardware or download requirements needed for SMS 2FA, making it a user-friendly option for authentication.

Available on any mobile device

No matter the phone, SMS is available on every device. This ensures that every customer can access easy-to-use security measures to reduce the risk of data being compromised.

Reach anyone, anywhere, anytime

Users worldwide can be verified with SMS 2FA without any mobile data or WiFi required. Even if you use another channel for authentication, adding SMS as a fallback channel will ensure your customers always get their security messages on time.

When to use a SMS authentication solution?

Verify registrations

Ensure new users are who they say they are when they register for your services by sending SMS authentication messages to their devices.

Perfect for:

  • Banking institutions
  • Healthcare businesses
  • eCommerce websites

Resetting passwords

When a customer requests a password reset, send an OTP through text message to ensure its really them and reduce the risk of fraud.

Perfect for:

  • Government websites
  • Banking apps
  • Educational institutions

Authenticate transactions

Real-time confirmation of transactions with SMS 2FA speeds up operational processes and reduces the risk of fraudulent transactions.

Perfect for:

  • Banking institutions
  • Telco providers
  • eCommerce
  • Retail

User reactivation

If a user signs into their account after a long period of inactivity, authenticate their identity through SMS 2FA and block hackers.

Perfect for:

  • eCommerce retailers
  • Travel and ride-sharing apps
  • Government apps

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