SMS notifications service

With a SMS notifications system, you can quickly update and alert customers and ensure that your urgent messages have the best visibility.

What are SMS notifications?

SMS notifications are a way for businesses to inform their customers about any changes to schedules or orders, emergency alerts, upcoming events, or anything that the customer should be notified about that is time-sensitive.

SMS alerts are perfect for promotional marketing messages as well as support and update notifications. Whatever the use case, SMS will help you get the best reach and higher engagement with your customers.

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Why should you use SMS notifications?

SMS is fast and convenient. Every mobile phone can receive SMS messages, making it the perfect channel to launch notifications and ensure customers are always informed.

Any customer, anywhere

Infobip SMS notifications service has 800+ direct connections with MNOs allowing you to reach customers worldwide and scale as you grow.

The reliable channel

Available on every mobile device without the need for an internet connection, you can rest assured that your important customer communications are being delivered.

Be compliant

Our SMS service is backed up by local support and compliancy engines that ensure your SMS notifications are always in-line with local laws and regulations.


Small and medium businesses can keep engagement up and gain valuable real estate on their customers’ devices with SMS notifications, without going over budget on their communication strategy.

SMS notifications: The back-up plan

If you use other channels to communicate with customers, be sure to add SMS as a fallback channel. SMS notifications don’t rely on data or Wi-Fi availability, so when messages can’t be sent over chat apps due to bad service they can be re-routed to SMS.

This is ideal for time-sensitive messages and important updates that customers should know about as they happen. Don’t get stuck with undelivered messages and keep your customers satisfied with back-up SMS notifications.

When should you use SMS notifications?

SMS notifications can be applied across industries to make sure communication with customers is clear and prompt. Improve your customer service and satisfaction by alerting customers ahead of time about changes they need to know about.

They are the perfect tool for emergency messages, time-sensitive scenarios, alerts for bank transactions, registration confirmations, and promoting events and sales.

SMS notifications throughout the customer journey

Awareness and consideration

Use SMS notifications to nurture leads and keep potential customers engaged with your brand as they learn about your products and services.


Confirm orders, delivery status, and update customers on any changes related to their purchase with SMS notifications.

Support and service

Offer easily accessible support and better customer service with SMS notifications. Alert customers of any unusual account activity, confirm appointments, and address installation or registration support over SMS.


Keep customer retention high with SMS notifications. Always update your customers on changes with their accounts, your upcoming events, and any emergency messages. Build better trust around your brand with SMS notifications.

How different industries utilize SMS notifications


  • SMS alerts for credit card transactions
  • SMS confirmation of bank transactions
  • Appointment confirmation alerts
  • Notifications for direct deposit activity


  • SMS alerts for flash sales
  • SMS notifications for pop up shops or sales
  • Confirmation of purchase
  • Update on delivery status changes


  • Registration confirmation SMS
  • SMS roaming alerts
  • Payment confirmation notification
  • SMS appointment confirmation 


  • SMS alerts for departure changes
  • Notification for price changes on specific dates
  • Confirm ticket purchases
  • Alerts for last-minute cancellations


  • Notifications for upcoming lectures and events
  • Alerts for tuition payments
  • Notifications to hand in important paperwork
  • Alerts for lecture room changes or professor absence


  • Out-of-office alerts for clinics
  • SMS notifications for insurance charges
  • Emergency alerts
  • SMS notification for test results

Want to know more about how to use SMS notifications?

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SMS notifications with Infobip

Omnichannel solutions

Infobip solutions will help take your SMS notification messages to the next level. With better reach, reliability and security, we help you bring your business goals to life.

Customer data platform

Start segmenting your customers with People CDP, our Customer Data Platform. Use data collected from multiple sources and create detailed profiles of customers to help understand what messages will add value to their experience.

Customer engagement solution

Create automated workflows with a drag-and-drop interface using Moments. The Customer Engagement Solution will help you build event and behavior triggered messages that are always sent to the right audience of customers. Instantly send engaging notifications by SMS and keep your customers informed and alerted on time.

Cloud contact center solution

If customers want to learn more about the SMS notification message they receive, they can simply reply to the text and be connected to a live agent thanks to Conversations. With our Cloud Contact Center Solution, agents can have a full view of the customer history, profile and any other information they may need to offer quality assistance. Conveniently, the interaction can continue over SMS keeping the customer satisfied and adding even more value to your initial SMS notification.

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