Infobip completes HIPAA attestation for SMS services

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Deliver Scalable Messaging With a Single SMS API Integration

The fastest delivery over the highest number of direct operator connections of any messaging provider. Deliver scalable messaging from your systems quickly, reliably, and securely with Infobip’s SMS API.



Quality connections for every use case

Easily integrate SMS into your business workflows using a single unified SMS messaging API. Get access to over 650 direct operator connections across 190 countries. Enable low-latency, high-reliability interactions covering every possible use case from SMS alerts to two-factor authentication solutions. Test for free to find out for yourself.


Security features that don’t impact CX

Protect your customers with enhanced identification features including verified SMS, dynamic sender ID’s, and proven user authentication tools like 2FA and one-time tokens. As an SMS API provider for multiple banks and global brands, we provide peace of mind and a frictionless experience for millions of people around the world.

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Knowledge is power

Get real-time access to SMS analytics. Our granular APIs enable reporting that helps you optimize your SMS delivery and allows you to spot any issues before they impact your business. Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, improve ROI, and always know exactly what messages each customer has received.


Code in your preferred language

Send SMS using Ruby, Java, Python, PHP, C# and Go.


Intelligent delivery for every message

Our API for SMS includes the most effective features for optimizing SMS delivery. These include redundant connectivity and intelligent routing – ensuring that messages follow the best available path with the lowest latency to ensure quick and successful delivery, whatever the size of deployment.

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Send and receive SMS messages globally with a reliable and easy-to-use SMS API that connect you to 700+ networks around the world.

An Open, Scalable and Feature-Rich SMS API

Sign up to start sending messages immediately with our powerful and flexible SMS API that can be easily integrated with existing systems.

  • Get sending today in just 3 easy steps

    Sign up to get your account, get your API key via GUI or API, Get your base URL (Use a personal base URL for fastest API request responses) 

  • Global Coverage

    More direct operator connections than any other messaging provider guarantees reliable message delivery and superior performance.

  • Ultimate Scalability

    Infobip’s SMS technology and infrastructure is built for scale, easily supporting 500,000,000 + daily transactions 

  • Priority Routing

    Set up multiple priority levels for your messaging traffic, ensuring expedited delivery for business-critical messaging.

  • Two-way communication

    Collect feedback and customer insight with two-way SMS, available in more countries globally than with any other provider.

  • Frictionless security

    Add user account, login and registration protection with SMS two-factor authentication. Combine with Mobile Identity for security that doesn’t compromise on user experience.

“It has been fantastic working with Infobip on this project. Not only has the technology been easy to implement, the people at Infobip use Strava. They understand how important Beacon is to our athletes.”

— Strava

“Infobip is a great partner because of their ability to keep up with our global growth and provide the type of service we need to meet our users’ demands.”

— Uber

“An increase in customer satisfaction and a 20% reduction in costs are some of the results we achieved using the Viber with SMS failover solution from Infobip.”


Code Samples

SMS API Use Cases

With our flexible API you can send and receive SMS messages using your own Sender ID for maximum impact, from either a short code or long number. Just a sample of popular SMS use cases include:

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