Deliver scalable messaging with a single SMS API integration

The fastest delivery over the highest number of direct operator connections of any messaging provider. Deliver scalable messaging from your systems quickly, reliably, and securely with Infobip’s SMS API.

Quality connections for every use case

Easily integrate SMS into your business workflows using a single unified SMS messaging API. Get access to over 800 direct operator connections across 190 countries.

Enable low-latency, high-reliability interactions covering every possible use case from SMS alerts to two-factor authentication solutions. Test for free to find out for yourself

Security features that don’t impact CX

Protect your customers with enhanced identification features including verified SMS, dynamic sender ID’s, and proven user authentication tools like 2FA and one-time tokens.

As an SMS API provider for multiple banks and global brands, we provide peace of mind and a frictionless experience for millions of people around the world.

Knowledge is power

Get real-time access to SMS analytics. Our granular APIs enable reporting that helps you optimize your SMS delivery

Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, improve ROI, and always know exactly what messages each customer has received.

High volume global senders

Our API for SMS includes the most effective features for optimizing SMS delivery.

An open, scalable and feature-rich SMS API

Instantly connect and send

Quickly connect to our SMS API in three easy steps to start sending messages.

Global coverage

Reach customers anywhere in the world via our 800+ MNO connections.

Ultimate scalability

Scale your messaging as you grow no matter your business size and offer the best SMS service.

Priority routing

With intelligent routing, your messages will take the shortest and most efficient path to reach your customers on time.

SMS API use cases

Automated reminders and alerts

Create automated SMS reminders for any business requirement – from appointments to payment deadlines and subscription renewals. Customers are always happy to receive SMS alerts that are useful, timely and relevant.

Two-factor authentication

Incorporate 2FA by SMS to give your customers secure remote access to their accounts and to reduce the chances of fraud and identity theft. With no need for data or Wi-Fi, a one-time PIN code can be delivered instantly by SMS.

Avoid cart abandonment

The cart abandonment use case is a quick win for maximizing revenue. By incorporating SMS into the solution, you stand the best chance of reaching undecided customers and guiding them to complete their purchase.

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