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MrSpeedy: Enabling Real-time Support with SMS and Voice During Coronavirus

MrSpeedy: Enabling Real-time Support with SMS and Voice During Coronavirus

Learn how same-day delivery service provider MrSpeedy reduced their customer support cost by 50% with Infobip’s SMS and Voice solution and provided support while working remotely


Providing remote support and scaling up services during Coronavirus

Coronavirus brought about a unique challenge and opportunity for MrSpeedy Malaysia – one of the most technologically advanced players in same-day delivery service.

The Malaysian government implemented a Movement Control Order (MCO) resulting in essential services, including takeaways, utilities, and groceries relying on same-day deliveries. This resulted in MrSpeedy witnessing the demand for their services growing by 10-fold overnight.

The sudden increase in demand posed a huge business opportunity, and at the same time, a challenge. During the pandemic and MCO, MrSpeedy saw orders from the food and beverage industry grow from 40% to 70%, and an increased surge in orders for basic essentials such as groceries, everyday supplies, basic utilities, and more.

Understanding the challenges faced by other businesses during the situation, MrSpeedy decided to provide a helping hand by offering a price drop promotion – guaranteeing the lowest same-day delivery charges in the market.

With a limited headcount and new rules for drivers having to wear masks, gloves and being sanitized, MrSpeedy had to rise to the challenge to provide reliable service and always-on customer support while working remotely.

They needed a communication solution that enabled them to provide speedy, reliable and uninterrupted service during these uncertain times.


Using SMS and Voice to provide reliable and cost-effective support

MrSpeedy was already using Infobip’s SMS solution since June 2019. With a smartphone penetration rate of 59%, SMS remained one of the most important customer service channels for MrSpeedy.

The SMS API solution helped them provide timely verification, account activation, tracking statuses, order confirmations, and delivery notifications to their clients, drivers and, end customers.

Since around the clock support became imperative during this period, MrSpeedy also added Voice to their communication mix to attend enquiries from drivers and customers in real-time.

This enabled MrSpeedy to:

  • Provide 24-hour support, when working remotely
  • Scale up quickly in a cost-effective manner
  • Quick problem resolution and customer support

In addition to this what worked in Infobip’s favor was a dedicated customer success manager who not only understood MrSpeedy’s challenge, but provided a timely solution with a reliable support team.


50% cost reduction and high delivery rates

During these challenging times, through Infobip – MrSpeedy managed to meet the increase in demand and provide always-on assistance for every delivery.

By implementing Infobip’s SMS solution, MrSpeedy’s message delivery rates increased , while the Voice solution empowered employees to work efficiently – even when working from home.

This resulted in a cost reduction of 50%.

The success during the pandemic has not only strengthened the relationship, but has made Infobip their preferred partner as they continue to expand their business in the region.

Chun Hean Goh
Country Manager

This was a challenging time, which presented a great business opportunity. Infobip rose to the occasion as a trusted partner, providing a cost-effective SMS and Voice solution that enabled us to scale effectively, adapt to the new remote working environment and meet the needs of our fast paced industry.

Company Profile


MrSpeedy is part of the Dostavista group and is revolutionizing express delivery services. They are one of the biggest and most technologically advanced same day delivery platforms. MrSpeedy has a global presence in 11 countries, including Russia, Mexico, Turkey, Brazil, India, South Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.