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How to Continuously Provide Superior Customer Support in Any Situation

How to Continuously Provide Superior Customer Support in Any Situation

Using a digital cloud contact center solution can help you improve agent efficiency and offer quality customer support when unexpected situations arise.

As the global pandemic continues, more and more countries are starting to take the necessary precautions to stop the increase of infected patients across the globe. The majority of these precautions are centered around keeping as many people at home as possible while trying to enable businesses to work with minimum human contact. 

This has forced businesses to become innovative in how they deliver their services and offer customer support. As customers try to continue to live their regular day-to-day life from the comfort of their own homes, they quickly turn to online services and expect to receive the same level of support as before.

It’s now more important than ever to consider new ways to optimize your contact center for flexibility and adaptability.

Benefits of using a digital cloud contact center solution

Over the years, many companies have continued to use an on-premise contact center since they’re a secure, stable solution. However, they are not always the most adaptable.  

Now, the focus for many companies has shifted as they look for solutions that will help them keep their business running while implementing the necessary measures to keep their employees safe. 

Switching to a cloud contact center enables companies to maintain the same level of security as an on-premise contact center, while also providing the same level of customer support from a remote location. 

Here are three benefits that come with having a digital, omnichannel cloud contact center when unexpected situations arise.

Enable your agents to work from home

With a contact center in the cloud, your agents can continue to do work as usual, from the comfort of their own home. They will be able to stay connected, no matter where or when they log on.  

More so, using a cloud contact center solution, such as Conversations, will give your managers insight into real-time analytics, so they can continuously track customer query resolution and agent productivity.

Handle the increase in queries with new channels

During emergency situations, like the ones we’re experiencing today with COVID-19, it’s not only your agents who are home – your customers are, too. With restrictions put on businesses, customers are contacting your agents now more than ever before.

It’s common for contact centers to experience high call volumes, and high costs, when unexpected problems arise – and it’s just as common that customers experience long wait times as agents work to assist them as best as they can.

So, what’s the easiest way to handle incoming queries while minimizing complaints and keeping customers onboard?

By redirecting customers to contact your agents through digital channels, such as WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, and Live Chat, your agents will be able to handle more than one query at a time – something they can’t do with phone calls.

And, by using customer context cards, your agents can access relevant customer information – including purchase history, loyalty status, and general demographics, making it easier to provide personalized support, fast.

example of customer support on Viber

Introducing these new channels will also improve your overall customer satisfaction, as you offer support over the apps customers prefer to use.

Your agents will have access to full conversation history and will be able to switch between channels in a single view – making it easier for agent takeover while improving first contact resolution and average handle time.

Quickly resolve issues with automated support

It’s also expected that many customers will reach out to you with frequently asked questions. This is the perfect opportunity to set up a conversational chatbot that is designed to understand intent. You can also redirect the customer to an agent for queries that are more complex and require extensive support.

Example of a chatbot redirecting customers to an agent

A conversational chatbot will help control your agent workloads and will provide customers with the fast responses they are looking for.

Be prepared for any situation

Current events show us that being flexible and prepared to continue offering superior customer support, no matter the situation, will be your competitive advantage in times of uncertainty. To help you be there for your customers when they need it most, we’re offering our digital cloud contact center solution, Conversations, free for the first 60 days.

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