Elevate omnichannel interactions with Video API

Add personable, contextualized interactions across any channel and on any device with unique Video scenarios over WebRTC.

Face-to-face engagement on your platform

Compose collaborative customer engagement your way across mobile and desktop applications.


global connections


global coverage


concurrent video calls every minute

Build innovative Video solutions for your business

Craft unique face-to-face engagement with customers while keeping their user experience smooth.

Customize Video with WebRTC

Through WebRTC you can build custom Video solutions over IP to boost customer engagement. Offer unique experiences with Video SDKs and APIs and build the exact Video interaction your customers need, available on any browser or device.

The WebRTC SDK library

Import our WebRTC SDKs into your own applications and architect, deploy and adjust your Video solution as you see fit. Available on iOS, Android or Javascript, you can connect with any customer with an internet connection.

Enhance face-to-face interactions with Video features

A wide range of features will help you bring your Video experience to the next level. Offer the best quality of Video interactions and improve customer experiences.


Record video communication with your customers and save your conversations for whenever you may need them.


Interact with multiple people at once with Video conferencing. Using any device or any channel, you can connect the right people on Video.

Screen sharing

Allow customers to share their screens during a Video call to enhance their visual experience and create better interactions.

Interactive calls

Select menu options through DTMF recognition, share audio or play text to speech content all on a Video call to offer richer experiences.

Network events

Get updates on network quality and events to ensure you’re interacting over Video with the best possible connections.

Audio and Video effects

Remove background noise, enable background blurring or virtual backgrounds for more privacy and better quality Video calls.

Need a specific Video use case?

Customize engagement with Video. Connect and engage with users across the globe with face-to-face interactions. Integrate alongside existing platform solutions for an intuitive customer journey.

Contact an expert

Generate a Call Link over WebRTC or our cloud contact center Conversations and send it over any channel your customers prefer to use.  

The link opens a personalized browser where the customer can connect to a live service representative via video or audio call. Customize the browser to reflect your brand image, add your logo and design a customer call center.  

Harness over 15 years of experience with the world’s best connected platform

With industry-leading expertise, you can deliver superb customer experience through our global network.

800+ direct operator connections

Reach customers worldwide while staying compliant with local laws.

40+ data centers

You will have the stability and low latency your business needs to connect with customers all over the world.

Local numbers

Our global presence allows for you to use local numbers to connect with customers offering them convenience when they need to reach out to you.

Always-on support

Reach out to our support at any time to ensure you are always able to offer the best Voice interactions for customers 24/7.

Learn more about delivering Video with Infobip

Bring face-to-face engagement to any channel with Video

Provide smoother customer interactions via Video.