Live video support: Why you need it and how to get started

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Monika Karlović

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In today’s digital world, brands are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve their customer support and keep up with growing demands. When 97% of consumers worldwide say that customer service is very important in their choice of brand, it’s obvious why businesses are looking for alternatives to boost their support capabilities.  

But maybe brands don’t have to look all that far to inspire changes to their customer service. 

Picture this:  

Your grandma texts you that her favorite show is starting but she can’t get her TV to work.

Should you continue the conversation over text and spend loads of time trying to figure out what the issue is?

Or hop on a video call so she can show you what’s happening, and you can direct her on how to fix the issue?  

Given the chance, you’ll more than likely video call her to quickly figure and resolve the issue so she doesn’t miss her show and you retain your place as the favorite grandchild. The same applies to businesses and their customers.  

Businesses know too well that complex issues aren’t easy to resolve over a text-based conversation, that’s where face-to-face interactions, like video support, come in.  

Although, when you think of adding video to your communication mix, high costs, difficult implementation, extensive APIs and tons of in-house knowledge might come to mind. 

Fortunately, you can eliminate the time-consuming back-and-forth of text-based conversations and add video to your support services without the hassle of heavy engineering with a solution like Infobip Call Link.  

Let’s break down everything you should know about face-to-face engagement and how Call Link video support can help you easily elevate your customer service.  

What is live video support?

Live video support is a way to provide real-time assistance to customers through a video chat session. It connects customers with a representative or agent via a live video to have a face-to-face conversation on their mobile or desktop device. 

This type of support is especially useful for complex issues that require visual aids or hands-on guidance, such as setting up new electronics or troubleshooting a technical issue with your router. 

35% of customers expect agents to resolve their issues in one conversation. Video call support offers customers exactly what they’re looking for- a faster and convenient way to resolve their complicated queries. 

What is Call Link?

Call Link makes engaging over video easier than ever. When an agent determines that the task at hand is too complicated to resolve over a text-based conversation, they can simply generate a secure, unique URL that opens a customized and branded browser. They can then engage over a video or voice call to speed up query resolution. 

Learn more about Call Link from our product experts:

Why use video chat for customer service?

Video chat for customer service goes a long way in helping your business stand out with high-quality, contextualized support. Imagine you could solve queries faster, retain high customer satisfaction scores, and become easily accessible to your end-users. It would be a no-brainer to adopt a solution that could help you get there. 

Customers want an unobtrusive and simple way to get support, especially in complicated scenarios where they might be feeling frustrated. Quickly addressing these frustrations and fixing the issue leads to happier customers that are easier to retain. 


of customers state they would repurchase from brands they had positive experiences with

Face-to-face engagement can help speed up technical support, product demonstrations, troubleshooting, and live issue diagnosis to keep up with your customers’ expectations.  

Benefits of live video support

1. Faster query resolution

Video call support helps streamline complex queries and gets customers the answers they are looking for faster.  

If a customer gets the blue screen of death on their laptop, or their car dashboard is flashing weird symbols they don’t understand, they’re probably going to have a hard time explaining their issue over text. Any fear or uncertainty around issues being resolved is alleviated when customers can get face-to-face support from an agent. 

Visually demonstrating issues over video gives agents real-time contextual information and allows them to guide the customer to the solution faster than over other channels. 

2. Reduce wait times

Call centers with high call loads or poorly designed chatbots are a pain for both customers and agents. 61% of customers say they would switch to a competitor after just one bad customer service experience – meaning speeding up wait times to keep customers happy is a must for brands to succeed.  

This proves to be true worldwide. In a Microsoft survey, customers from around the USA, UK, Brazil and Japan stated that getting their issues resolved quickly and on first contact are the most important aspects of satisfying customer service.  


Getting issue resolved quickly (global average)


Getting issue resolved in one interaction (global average)

With contextualized video support agents can diagnose issues faster and quickly offer solutions to customers, allowing them to successfully complete more tasks, lower the strain on their workload, and reduce wait times.  

3. Increase satisfaction and trust

Sending URLs over various channels can sometimes look untrustworthy to customers and deter them from clicking the link. Call Link is designed to boost trust and reflect your brand’s unique identity with customizable URLs and personalized browsers that end-users recognize and immediately trust. There is no need to second guess the link and they can get their issues sorted quickly.  

4. Reduce costs

Customer service can be expensive and strained resources can slow down issue resolution. Using video support means bypassing the need to dispatch agents, inspectors or technicians onsite for each issue, helping reduce emissions and travel expenditure by lessening the need for in-person visits. 

Instead of sending a technician for at-home visits for every router or HVAC issue, agents can help customers resolve their problem over a quick video call and save your business time and money.  

Which channels enable live video support?

The beauty of Call Link is that it makes video and voice support available through any channel. Continue to use the channels your customers prefer and quickly generate a link to open a video call and continue the conversation face-to-face.

Channels you might use include:  

  • WhatsApp  
  • SMS and MMS 
  • Viber 
  • Messenger  
  • Live chat 
  • Apple Business Messages 
  • Google’s Messages for Business 

The link will open a browser on whichever device your customer uses. Meaning they can hop on a call with you while browsing your website on their desktop, or while chatting with you on mobile over a digital channel.

Call Link use cases: Live video for customer service

Technical support

Using video calls for technical support allows agents to visually assess the problem and guide the user through troubleshooting steps, resulting in a quicker resolution and may eliminate the need for an in-person visit.  

  • Product setup assistance  
  • Technical telco issues such as router problems  
  • Utility issue resolution 

Remote inspections

Agents can verify evidence and evaluate damages over Video call. This helps speed up processes such as claim submissions and warranty fulfillments and helps relieve stressful situations for customers.

  • Insurance claims  
  • Damaged products  
  • Evidence of delivery 


Video calls are ideal for conducting consultations or interviews and connecting customers with industry professionals quickly.

  • Health consultations  
  • Financial meetings  
  • Coaching and education  

Live walk through

Using video calls for live walk throughs offers convenience for busy customers who have a hard time adjusting their schedules for in-person meetings.  

  • Real-estate listings  
  • Venue viewings 
  • Onsite and field inspections  

How to get started with live video support

Call Link video support is for any organization that uses a contact center solution to connect with customers. Add video to your support service and continue to use any range of channels without having to adjust your communication strategy. 

It’s simple. There is no need for any camera or hardware setup on the agent’s end as you can set up one-way video calls, or audio calls and move chat app conversations to voice calls to speed up resolution time when necessary.  

Adding Call Link to your customer service capabilities is available through:  

  • Conversations: Our cloud contact center, no coding required 
  • API: Add to your existing systems with comprehensive, low-code APIs 

Our team of experts will guide and support you through the seamless integration and setup of how to use Call Link so that you can provide face-to-face assistance and build stronger relationships with customers. Deliver satisfying support to retain customers with a cost effective and engaging solution.  

Enhance your customer service with live video support

May 2nd, 2023
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Content Marketing Specialist

Monika Karlović

Content Marketing Specialist