Scale patient communication with digital solutions

Leverage automated, omnichannel communication solutions to deliver a fast, convenient patient experience in-person or at-home.

The future of patient communication is digital

Provide a better healthcare experience through easy-to-use communication solutions that increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Digitalize patient experience

Connecting with patients across various digital channels through a single omnichannel platform will help you:

  • Reduce patient wait times
  • Minimize rate of missed appointments
  • Increase patient satisfaction

By introducing smart solutions through chatbots and a cloud contact center solution patients can resolve their queries on their own.

  • Book appointments
  • Answer FAQs
  • Set up automated reminders for appointments or medication

Empower healthcare staff

Increase efficiency and reduce workloads through automated communication. Enable your healthcare staff to spend more time with patients and less time on manual tasks.

Cut costs and increase ROI

Equip your healthcare institutions with digital omnichannel solutions to increase patient loyalty and satisfaction while reducing costs by connecting with them through their favorite digital channels such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Live Chat, SMS, and more. 

  • Automate manual tasks 
  • Connect with patients faster 
  • Manage and respond to urgent situations 

Healthcare institutions worldwide are changing the way they work

Craft timely, automated patient engagement

Use the most popular channels through our omnichannel customer engagement solution, Moments, to set up automated, personalized messages at the right time.

Automated reminders

Simplify the healthcare experience for patients by setting up timely reminders for appointments, routine checkups, medication refills, vaccinations, and more.

Proactive notifications

Keep patients informed around-the-clock by letting them know about test results, prescriptions, and doctor availability ahead of time.

Onboarding and education

Share various documents, images, videos, and more to welcome new patients or inform them about new medications, long-term treatment plans, healthcare packages, and more.

Support patients on their favorite channels

Provide self-service options on patients’ favorite channels using our chatbot building platform, Answers – and enable them to connect with healthcare staff through chat, video, or voice calls via our cloud contact center solution, Conversations.

Remote appointments

Connect with patients at anytime, anywhere by setting up video call appointments – reducing patient wait times and optimizing doctor schedules.

24/7 support

Set up a virtual assistant to answer frequently asked questions to reduce staff workload and wait times – and enable your chatbot to transfer the conversation to a live agent when necessary.

Administration management

Make it easy for patients to pay bills, check appointment and medical history, follow up on medication refills, and more all in one place.

A single platform for omnichannel patient communication

Our programmable cloud communications platform helps healthcare leaders and teams create personal connections with their patients via SMS, Email, Voice, WhatsApp, Messenger, Live Chat, and more.

Omnichannel customer engagement solution

Engage patients through promotions, timely reminders, surveys, and more.

Cloud contact center solution

Connect patients with the right agent on any channel at the right time.

Chatbot building platform

Automate answers to frequently asked questions and reduce wait times.

Customer data platform

Personalize every patient interaction based on demographics, preferences, and past behavior.

Go beyond patient expectations

With over a decade of global messaging experience, our CX experts are here to help you build the best omnichannel communication strategy for the perfect patient experience.

Contact an expert

Build your patient journey

A flexible and comprehensive API that enables you to build the perfect patient experience.

Reliable global reach with highest level of security

With industry-leading expertise, you can deliver superb customer experience through our global network.

24/7 Support

Global reach and local presence with 24/7 support in your local language.

Privacy and compliance

Ensured data privacy and compliance with all enterprise-level certificates and regular security audits.

Service continuity

SLA-backed 99.9% uptime for unparalleled service continuity via clustered architecture with geo-redundancy

Simple registration

Fast and easy sender registration process

9,700+ global connections

And 800+ direct operator connections to facilitate reliable messaging and use cases anywhere in the world.

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Scale your patient communications

Support and engage patients on their favorite channels using digital omnichannel communication solutions.