Oladoc: Increased engagement and reduced costs with Infobip SMS and Voice


SMS delivery rate


reduction in costs


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Low SMS delivery rates led to low customer retention and patient show-up rates

Before Infobip, Oladoc struggled with low SMS delivery rates which meant that many patients using the platform did not receive an appointment confirmation or reminder.

In addition, due to literacy rates in Pakistan, many patients who did receive Oladoc notifications were not familiar with the style of communication and found it hard to understand the messages they received – so they disregarded the messages which resulted in patients missing their appointments.

These challenges combined affected the healthcare platform’s overall customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Oladoc understood that to keep patients happy and loyal, they needed to work with a messaging provider that could guarantee higher SMS delivery rates. They also needed to find another way to communicate with patients who struggled with SMS messaging to provide a more relatable and personalized experience.


Implementing Infobip’s SMS and Voice solutions

Upon learning about Infobip and its 40 data centers worldwide and 700+ direct connections, Oladoc was confident it found the right technology partner for its business needs.

The healthcare platform used Infobip’s communications platform to send personalized promotional messages and appointment confirmations via SMS.

They also implemented Infobip’s Voice solution to set up reminder calls for appointments for both doctors and patients 15 minutes before the appointments. This helped patients who had trouble comprehending previous SMS messages communicate with Oladoc to get the right information on time.

In addition, patients could share feedback about the appointment by calling the same number – helping doctors improve their patients’ experience over time.


Increased revenue, higher customer engagement, and reduced operational costs

Using Infobip’s platform to send SMS messages and enable Voice calls showed significant results for Oladoc.

The healthcare platform’s SMS delivery rate increased from approximately 80% to 90%, which led to a 10% increase in appointment show-up rates, 25% reduction in cost, and a 5% increase in revenue.

Oladoc business results after using Infobip's SMS and Voice solutions

After experiencing a surge in customer satisfaction and positive business results, Oladoc is looking to add more communication channels to the mix in the future.

We wanted an international service provider that would help us increase delivery rates and maintain a high level of quality when it comes to customer support. Infobip’s SMS and Voice solutions have helped us improve our appointment show-up rate by 10% and overall revenue by 5%. Infobip’s competitive rates have also helped us decrease our costs by 25% and their comprehensive reporting style helps us keep a keen eye out for any possible campaign optimizations.

Hamza Iqbal

Data analyst, Oladoc

Company Profile


Oladoc is the largest digital healthcare platform in Pakistan connecting patients with healthcare providers and health services. Through Oladoc, patients can search for doctors by specialty, geography, satisfaction score, waiting time and make an instant booking. In addition, Hospitals can integrate with Oladoc’s practice management solution to manage their medical appointments and patient data. Oladoc currently operates in Pakistan with more than 6,000 providers subscribed on the platform serving almost 500,000 patients every month.