medGo: Achieving high message delivery rates to connect hospitals with on-call staff


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High hospital vacancies due to poor message delivery

medGo’s online platform needed a reliable way to help hospitals communicate with healthcare workers so that they were aware of and given the chance to accept available opportunities and positions.

The platform used SMS as a communication channel in the past to enable:

  • Hospitals to notify nurses of new position openings 
  • Nurses to provide hospitals their availability 
  • Hospitals to confirm appointments with nurses 

However, only 85-90% of messages were delivered. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough. This delivery rate meant that many positions at hospitals remained vacant, healthcare workers were left without jobs, and patients didn’t receive the treatment they could have if these positions were filled.


Use Infobip’s reliable network and global reach to increase SMS message delivery rates

medGo’s goal was to have 95% or more of their SMS messages reach medical workers. This would ensure that more positions are filled at hospitals by healthcare workers who can provide the care patients need.

To ensure high delivery rates of messages between hospitals and healthcare workers, medGo decided to implement Infobip’s 2-Way SMS messaging solution based on our global reach and clients in the healthcare industry.

With one of the most reliable delivery rates in the industry, Infobip’s message delivery optimization capabilities ensured medGo’s messages were always superior in performance and reliability.


Message delivery rates increased to 99%, hospital job vacancies filled

By sending messages through Infobip’s communications platform, medGo was able to successfully send 230,000 SMS messages every month and could reach more staff to fill vacant positions.

Within just weeks of sending messages over our platform, medGo witnessed a 15% increase in message delivery rates, from 85-90% to 98-99%, meaning there is 15% more replacement staff for hospitals.

Message delivery rates increased 15% with Infobip

medGo now plans to expand into other countries, continuing the partnership with Infobip. Thanks to our reach for 2-Way SMS communication for businesses in more than 50 countries, medGo will be able to scale their business easier. In the future, they also want to introduce other communication channels, like chat apps, to their users to improve customer experience and increase reach.

We are very happy with Infobip’s 2-Way SMS solution. It has significantly increased our delivery rates by 15% to 98-99 percent. Near-perfect delivery is very important to us as our service is very time sensitive and extremely important for messages to get through with minimum delay, as it enables hospitals to run optimally.

Christopher Rydhal

Co-Founder and CEO

Company Profile


medGo is France’s leading digital recruitment platform for hospitals and clinics. They aim to make finding and managing replacement nurses for on-call shifts easy. This online-only platform enables more than 700 healthcare institutions to manage replacements for their absent paramedical staff. medGo’s services, available at a fraction of the cost of expensive recruitment agencies, have helped save management and hospital administration staff time and money, while enabling them to retain trusted contractors.