TLC Marketing: Streamlining campaign management


Automatic validation of short code entries

Before TLC Marketing joined forces with Infobip, they didn’t have the technical capacity to automatically check all the entries they’ve gained through their SMS marketing campaigns and polls.

This important part of the process was done manually, and it became apparent that automating the entire validation process would greatly ease their campaigns execution. What TLC needed was an advanced, automated solution for an efficient handling of their promotional SMS coupons sent by subscribers.


Premium short code system

Infobip introduced TLC Marketing with a premium short code SMS system which made it much easier for the company to perform promotional coupon campaigns and automatically handle incoming information. By developing a marketing oriented system, Infobip helped TLC Marketing deliver a fully-featured service to its clients – some of the world’s best known consumer brands and retail chains. Inbound SMS traffic, created by customers sending promotional coupons via SMS, is now verified automatically by the Infobip platform.


Easier and faster campaign management

Campaigns conducted in some of South Africa’s largest retail chains have proven premium SMS solution as a very convenient marketing communications method for consumers to understand and use, which is a key benefit for brands and retail chains. Our platform’s ability to handle all the incoming information made the entire promotional process much easier and faster for the agency, resulting in improved campaign effectiveness.

Along with the above, Infobip developed a specific, marketing-oriented USSD system that allowed TLC Marketing to provide fully-featured service to their clients via another mobile channel, through a single provider.

We have started doing work with Infobip officially in May 2014 on 3 Nestle Campaigns that ran smoothly and continue to do so. We previously did not have an automatic system that afforded us a chance to validate our entries automatically – we had to do this manually which took up a lot of time and effort. Infobip introduced a short code system that helped us work faster and smarter. With their advanced technology, we are able to automatically plug information into the back end system of Infobip so that within seconds it can validate entries.

Ignotius Maimela

Client Services Manager, TLC Marketing

Company profile

TLC Marketing

TLC Marketing is a specialist marketing agency helping global brands influence consumer choice at the moment of decision – by providing on-brand rewards to every person that enters the promotion. Their client portfolio and experience is outstanding, as the company has already delivered over 5,000 campaigns for hundreds of different brands, reaching over 400 million customers worldwide. With headquarters in the United Kingdom and offices in 12 countries around the world, TLC Marketing is one of the largest marketing agencies in South Africa.