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Learn all about promotional SMS messages and how they can help elevate your marketing campaigns and engagement results.

What are promotional SMS messages?

Promotional SMS messages are specifically designed for marketing and advertising purposes. Sending campaigns, discounts, and offers over the world’s most widely available channel ensures that your messages get the best visibility.

Promotional SMS is a simple, fast and secure way to launch marketing campaigns and engage with customers. Improve engagement rates, conversion rates and overall satisfaction with your brand by using promotional SMS messages in your campaign strategy.

Promotional SMS throughout the customer journey

Use promotional SMS messages to engage with customers at every stage of their journey. Don’t let your hard work on marketing campaigns get lost in an email inbox. Offer discounts, special offers and loyalty rewards on a channel they are sure to notice.


Send welcome messages with a special offer for first time customers. Grab their attention and entice them to learn more about your products and services from your very first interaction.


Send promotional SMS messages about products your potential customers might be interested in, based on their browsing habits. By sending relevant offers and information in your marketing messages you will increase the chance of enticing them to complete the purchase.


Send a thank you message after they have completed a purchase with a link to join your loyalty program and add points to their account. By promoting your loyalty program via SMS, you can help increase awareness around the loyalty system and help build better relationships with customers.


Send a promotional SMS for customers to receive free shipping on their next order when they complete a feedback form based on their experience with your brand. You’ll collect valuable data and leave the customer satisfied with a bonus gift.


Personalized messages show you care about your customers. Send happy birthday messages with a promo code customers can use on a purchase during their birthday month to ensure they feel valued and encourage them to purchase from you again. 

Best practices for promotional SMS messages

Creating a marketing campaign over SMS is a simple and fast way to get your well-crafted promotional messages out to your audience and ensure they are seen. Even though SMS is available on all mobile devices, how can you ensure your customers are reading the messages you send to their SMS inbox? 

Personalize messages

Show your customers you know more than just their name. When you personalize messages, keep in mind who you are sending them to and what they would find interesting or enticing.

If the goal is to encourage them to complete a sale with promotional SMS, make sure you are offering them deals or promoting products that are in line with their past search or purchase history.

Branded messages

Give customers peace of mind when conversing with you over SMS. By sending branded promotional messages, you offer a sense of security that the messages are from a trusted brand, and not some bot.

It’s also a great opportunity to let your brand persona shine through and have your promotional messages stand out in their SMS inbox.

Short and concise text

Get straight to the point. Keep your promotional SMS message short and sweet, with all the information customers need in 160 characters – better yet less.

Your customers’ time is valuable, so brief messages with a great hook are ideal for successful promotional SMS campaigns.

Invite customers to act

Always include a call-to-action in your promotional SMS messages. Invite customers to go to your website to see new products, click the link to obtain a discount or to check a list of products they can apply their new promo code for.

Offering customers direct access to your special offers from an SMS message allows for a convenient way to reap the rewards of being a loyal customer.

Tools for crafting promotional SMS messages

Personalize your promotional SMS with detailed customer profiles

On People CDP, you can collect data from a variety of sources and create detailed customer profiles that help you understand what messages to send to your audience.

Automate your promotional messages and marketing campaigns on Moments

Create easy-to-use workflows, with event or behavior-triggered messages that are sent at the right time.

Two-way SMS communication

Give your customers a convenient way to communicate with your brand by replying to your SMS messages. 

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We want to see your business grow. That’s why our SMS service makes it easy to scale your messages as your customer base grows. All new customers and leads will get the right promotional messages.

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Our flexible API is easy to integrate and can have you up in running in a matter of minutes.

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