Text Global: Increased customer lifetime value and stickiness with modular API solutions and omnichannel capabilities


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Scaling platform capabilities to decrease go-to-market time and reduce customer churn

Text Global is one of UK’s leading bulk SMS marketing platforms with a mission to help small business enterprises (SMEs) connect with their customers by building campaigns via an easy-to-use self-serve interface.

As the communication landscape evolves, Text Global realized that their clients’ customers wanted to have conversational experiences with the brands they interacted with. One-way SMS messages weren’t enough.

The main objective was growth and expanding our client base in different industries. Our application was built as a bulk SMS marketing platform and a lot of clients were coming with use cases that we couldn’t support.

Andrew Cook

Managing Director, Text Global

This led to clients looking for omnichannel marketing platforms who could help them launch digital campaigns quickly – resulting in churn.

Text Global needed to scale their platform to include a broader range of channels such as Email, Voice, and RCS Business Messaging, along with the ability to:

  • automate marketing messages across all channels
  • build chatbots for two-way interactions
  • integrate live agent support

However, to do the above they needed a modular API solution that:

  • is easy to integrate
  • quickens the time-to-market for their client’s campaigns
  • improves operational efficiency

What they needed was partnering with a single communications platform that enhanced their omnichannel capabilities, diversified their channel portfolio, helped them reliably deliver campaigns and increase their revenue margins.

We needed a resell model or partnership with Infobip where we could retain and win that business, which would result in growth.

Andrew Cook

Managing Director, Text Global


Modular API-driven, omnichannel communications solution to enhance platform capabilities and enable new use cases

The partnership between Text Global and Infobip has evolved over the years. The easy integration of our solutions and channels empowered Text Global to enhance their offerings and position themselves for revenue growth.

Through our partnership, Text Global are now able to offer a three-pronged solution to their clients.

  1. SMS API for SMEs to run bulk marketing campaigns
  2. Resell model for businesses that want to add omnichannel marketing automation to their customer communications with Voice, RCS and Email in addition to SMS
  3. Partnership model for companies looking to scale their communications with more conversational experiences by leveraging chatbot, marketing automation and contact center solutions

SMS API for bulk marketing campaigns

For a lot of SMEs, running bulk marketing campaigns over SMS is a first step. Our direct connections with mobile network operators, enabled Text Global to integrate the channel and run these campaigns reliably.

In addition, our SMS API enabled them to deliver advanced features, such as alphanumeric sender IDs, two-way conversational SMS messages, and the ability to send traffic quickly over an API.

Omnichannel marketing automation with Voice, RCS, Email and SMS

As clients started asking for more use cases, Cook said: “We found ourselves in a position where even our clients who were using us for API driven traffic and bulk ad hoc marketing wanted more automation and flows.”

This led to Text Global integrating our customer engagement solution (Moments) and customer data platform (People CDP) to create marketing automation packages that would include creating customer journeys, automating flows, and integrating third-party platforms such as Zendesk. All into one solution.

Now, they can also offer additional channels such as Voice, RCS, and Email – for their clients to create synchronous omnichannel marketing campaigns that can be personalized as well.

Conversational experience solutions for scale

As their clients scaled and their end-customers demanded better experiences, Text Global used us as technical partners to integrate our chatbot building platform (Answers), customer engagement solution (Moments) and contact center solution (Conversations) to cover the entire customer journey.

They worked closely with our team to create a proof of concept and offer new use cases that would help their clients deliver conversational experiences. For example, recently Text Global partnered with us to help a pizza company in the UK integrate Moments and RCS with Shopify to create automated marketing campaigns.

Streamline account management and boost operational efficiency

As the number of clients, types of use cases and channel portfolio increased, Text Global needed a single API solution to help with account management. Our modular API solution CPaaS X allowed them to make their solutions more scalable for new customer use cases to help relieve operational bottlenecks, provide accurate reporting, and deliver quick speed to market. This helped:

  • Efficient management of Resources (Alphanumeric Senders, Email domains, and ChatApp IDs) at scale
  • Automation of resource provisioning, campaign registration, and client-specific consumption reporting
  • Smooth client onboarding and number provisioning to get operational and start sending traffic faster
  • Easy adoption and unification of channels


Increased client stickiness and revenue growth with a CAGR of 78.98%

Through this three-pronged approach and the implementation of CPaaS X, Text Global were able to improve their client lifetime value and increase loyalty.

Since partnering with us, Text Global has experienced increased growth, achieving a staggering 30-45% year-over-year increase in annual revenue. This translates to a phenomenal CAGR of 78.98%.

Along with that they achieved:

  • Expanded client reach: Our platform and partnership empowered Text Global to attract and retain SME and enterprise clients.
  • Omnichannel capabilities: Clients gained access to a wider range of popular digital channels (Email, Voice, RCS, WhatsApp) to build robust omnichannel strategies, enhancing customer engagement.
  • Faster time to market: CPaaS X enabled Text Global’s clients to rapidly deploy advanced SMS features and omnichannel capabilities, accelerating their growth and fueling Text Global’s own success.

By leveraging Infobip’s solutions, Text Global unlocked a new level of growth and empowered their clients to thrive.

We started laser-focused on SMEs, but the client needs evolved rapidly. Infobip’s partnership program was a game-changer that allowed us to leverage richer features via API,s unlock new use cases with their omnichannel communications platform and integrate more channels such as Voice, Email, RCS and SMS. This empowered us to serve larger clients with advanced use cases – averaging a remarkable 30-45% revenue growth year-over-year. And now, with CPaaS X, we’re poised to hand even greater control to our clients, accelerating their business at scale.

Andrew Cook

Managing Director, Text Global

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