Spendgo: Increasing loyalty program efficiency for businesses with omnichannel communications by partnering with Infobip


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Lack of omnichannel capabilities for closed-loop loyalty programs

Spendgo is one of the market leaders for loyalty program management for hospitality and retail businesses. Their hyper-personalized closed-loop promotions technology has helped businesses such as Cold Stone Creamery, Sbarro and Captain D’s incentivize customers to make repeat purchases and increase loyalty.

They did this by managing closed-loop journeys that allowed customers to earn and redeem rewards within the brands ecosystem such as their app, website, or physical stores.

However, with customers moving towards mobile-first communications and demanding more engaging experiences, the idea of keeping loyalty programs to just a few branded entry points was limiting.

As a market leader, Spendgo knew they had to innovate by helping businesses manage their loyalty programs on the channels their customers use. Thereby, increasing redeemability opportunities and customer loyalty. And with the addition of new channels unlock new use cases and increase their revenue opportunities.

To do this, Spendgo needed a communications partner that had omnichannel capabilities, easy to integrate and orchestrate journeys on, and scalable enough to handle their 100+ active loyalty programs and 25 million+ unique members.


Omnichannel integrations to enhance loyalty programs

Spendgo partnered with Infobip to integrate omnichannel capabilities into their current platform, help their clients build personalized customer journeys over the channel of their end-customers choice and make brands realize ROI on closed-loop loyalty programs.

One challenge in the (messaging) ecosystem is that you have people that are really omnnichannel, but they are more of an application versus a solutions and infrastructure player like Infobip.

Ivan Matkovic

CEO, Spendgo

The three key aspects to this partnership was ease to orchestrate journeys for businesses, personalization to ensure loyalty and points redemption, and the ability to use channels in a synchronous manner.

Integrating our communications platform with Spendgo ensured our joint customers could:

  • Synchronize data effectively to ensure customer profiles are updated in real-time and provide personalized customer experiences with our customer data platform (People CDP)
  • Orchestrate and automate loyalty journeys over any channel with our easy-to-use, drag-and-drop customer engagement solution (Moments)
  • Send loyalty messages over SMS, Email, Push Notifications, MMS and WhatsApp to meet their customer expectations
  • Ensure reliable delivery of messages anywhere in the world with Infobip’s global connections and footprint

Existing Spendgo clients can easily give their loyalty campaigns an omnichannel twist by implementing the Infobip API. This helped streamline the campaign creation process, reduced time to market and reduced operational costs. Now, our joint clients were able to truly orchestrate closed-loop loyalty programs tailored to individual customers and their behavior over the channel of their choice.

With omnichannel loyalty programs, businesses can focus on the best shopping experience across all channels. Helping them deliver a meaningful engagement through each and every touchpoint – branded to communication channels.

This included use cases such as personalized recommendations and offers, a streamlined purchasing process, and instant access on different devices. Enabling brands to adapt and innovate their programs on a regular basis.

It was clear that brands needed an omnichannel approach to customer acquisition and engagement. With Infobip, we get to invest in our core functionality versus having to build capabilities that work with every channel.

Ivan Matovic

CEO, Spendgo


Increased ROI and customer loyalty

The partnership between Spendgo and Infobip yielded impressive results, driving significant improvements in customer engagement and loyalty for their more than 6,000 businesses. Our joint clients experienced:

  • Enhanced loyalty and customer engagement: Real-time omnichannel communication capabilities helped businesses deliver timely rewards and incentives, driving higher participation and 92% redemption rates from loyalty programs.
  • Measurable and bigger ROI: With close-loop programs and analytics it is possible to have a 100% accurate attribution model to campaigns and insights to optimize performance. For example, one of our joint clients had a 1:12 ROI for campaigns
  • Reduction in time and effort to create campaigns: the seamless integration between Infobip and Spendgo platform made it easy to create and segment audiences for campaigns. Because of that, 40% of the time and effort needed were reduced and campaigns were launched faster.

Overall, the partnership between Spendgo and Infobip empowered our joint clients to overcome their communication challenges and unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation in customer engagement and loyalty programs.

For us, it came down to the omnichannel functionality. We didn’t want to do integrations with a lot of different vendors. We’ve done a lot of research around the ecosystem and found out Infobip satisfied our needs for multiple channels and our client’s need for international support when they do have international requirements.”

Ivan Matovic

CEO, Spendgo

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