Transactional SMS Service Provider

Learn about transactional SMS messages and how they can help you offer better experiences for customers.

What is Transactional SMS Marketing?

Transactional messages are ideal for informing customers about valuable or critical information they need to know about your products or services.

Businesses need to ensure their transactional messages get the visibility they need to be effective when they utilize SMS.

5 billion

people worldwide can receive SMS messages.


of people read SMS messages within 3 min of receiving them

Deliver better customer service by sending automated transactional messages over SMS. Ensure that all your customers stay informed and never miss an update by sending messages on the most reliable channel on the most robust platform.

Types of transactional SMS

Transactional SMS is the perfect solution for any vertical. With automation options that allow for fast and perfectly timed delivery, your customers will get the updates they need at the right time.

Retail and eCommerce

  • Welcome messages
  • Order confirmation SMS
  • Shipment and delivery updates

Banking and finance

  • Check banking information
  • Payment confirmation
  • Appointment confirmations or cancellations


  • Booking confirmations
  • Gate changes
  • Flight delays


  • Password reset confirmation
  • Bill payment confirmation
  • Account Verification


  • Appointment confirmation SMS
  • Insurance payment confirmation
  • Prescription pick-up confirmation

Benefits of sending transactional SMS with Infobip

Transactional SMS messages encourage customer-centric interactions. They are designed to improve customer service and increase the trustworthiness of your brand.

Simple integration and automation

Getting set up with our service is easy. Integrate on our flexible SMS API, or through no code or low code integration options on our platform. Start automating workflows that send event-triggered transactional SMS messages, so your customers never miss an update.

Global reach and scalability

SMS is still the most reliable channel worldwide. With over 800 direct connections with MNOs, we can help you reach any customer, anywhere. As your business grows, so will your ability to send as many transactional SMS messages as your customers need.

Improved customer loyalty

Sending transactional SMS on the most robust and dependable platform over the world’s most reliable channel ensures that your customers will always receive the right messages that keep them informed.

Always compliant

We ensure every transactional message is in-line with your local compliancy laws. Wherever your business is, we will help you steer clear of blacklisting and ensure that every transactional SMS follows the right guidelines and gets delivered.

How to send [Transactional SMS]?

Choose the best way to build and send transactional SMS messages based on your business needs. Simplify and amplify your communications on a secure channel and keep your customers informed and satisfied.

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