What is an Inbound message?

An inbound message is routed from an end user’s mobile device and delivered to a mobile phone or an application.

It may also be regarded as a Mobile Originated message or MO, signifying that the starting point of a message is a mobile phone.

How do Inbound Messages work?

Sending an SMS from one device to a phone number or short code is an Inbound Message. That inbound message is routed to the Infobip Platform, and Infobip routes it to the intended phone number or short code.

If you cannot receive incoming messages to the endpoint of your choice in real time, you can use an API call to fetch messages. Each request turns a batch of received messages only once.

What are Inbound Messaging benefits?

Inbound messaging benefits include:

  • Enabling inbound SMS campaigns to drive revenue and improve productivity
  • Sending automated responses from internal systems
  • Routing keywords to the relevant areas of your business
  • Integrating SMS with your existing systems for easier business operations
  • Managing all inbound messaging from a platform that is accessible anywhere
  • Allowing multi-response campaigns
  • Access control

What is the difference between an Inbound and an Outbound Message?

Inbound Messages are mostly related to customer service but can also be used in sales or marketing. On the other hand, company representatives, through Outbound Messages, contact customers usually to sell a product or a service but are also used for customer follow-ups and surveys.

Jan 6th, 2022
2 min read

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