Video use cases

Discover how Video interactions can amplify your communication with customers and drive better satisfaction and engagement.


Verify user identity with a quick Video call and ensure your customers data and accounts remain secured.

  • New user onboarding
  • Identity verification

Privacy and anonymization

Ensure end-users and employees keep their information safe with anonymized Video calls.

  • Logistics calls
  • Market research
  • Online dating

Virtual in-person collaboration

Connect multiple people over Video to bring in-person interactions online and digitally transform your customer journey.

  • Healthcare consultations
  • Project briefing
  • e-Learning
  • Product demos
  • Conferences
  • Online dating
  • Candidate interviews
  • Focus groups

Customer insights

Collect honest and genuine customer feedback and conduct research over Video to gain better insights.

  • Market research
  • Polls, voting and surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Customer service inquiries

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