Cloud contact center + omnichannel partnerships: Creating impactful conversational journeys

Discover how Vocalcom and Infobip join forces to offer customers high-quality products to create conversational experiences on any channel.

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Monika Karlović

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Brands across industries have to manage multiple conversations with consumers that have varying preferences and needs. Think about how you would like to reach out to your bank or cell phone provider to get support. Would you use the same channel as other people in your circle?  

Maybe you would prefer to ask for support on WhatsApp, your best friend might favor in-app messaging and your parents would perhaps like to call and talk to an agent directly. In any case, brands should be prepared to offer all of their consumers the possibility of interacting over their preferred channels in order to boost retention rates.


 of customers say that omnichannel experiences are important to them 


of retailers saw improved retention rates after implementing omnichannel strategies 

B2C brands need a contact center solution with omnichannel capabilities to provide high-quality customer support on any channel. 

A partnership between an omnichannel industry leader, like Infobip, and a cutting-edge cloud contact center solution provider such as Vocalcom can enable brands to do just that. Combining the expertise and quality products of both providers can redefine the CCaaS (contact center as a service) industry to provide exceptional customer service on any channel.  

We sat down with Alexandre Carle, product director of innovation and partnerships at Vocalcom to find out how our partnership has enabled them to tackle industry challenges and build ideal solutions for their customers.  

The main challenge facing CCaaS providers

We know that customer needs are constantly changing, and so finding the right solution to accommodate those needs has become a challenge for many contact center solution providers.  

As a long-standing player, since 1995, in customer relations with its famous dialer Hermes360, Vocalcom has a good understanding of these needs and evolutions. The company has created targeted and profitable customer journeys that simplify interactions.

Alexandre Carle points out that businesses are looking for a wide variety of products and services from a single provider depending on their needs, some of which can include: 

  • A wide range of channels (digital and voice) 
  • 24/7 support 
  • Chatbots 
  • IVR or ACD  
  • Hosting options (cloud or on-premise) 
  • Analytics and reporting 

And the list goes on.  

CCaaS providers need to offer their customers a variety of high–quality products and features to meet their needs, while remaining efficient on operational readiness – not an easy task.  

The question then becomes, what kind of opportunities are available on the market to make these kinds of solutions easily accessible? 

Building digital customer journeys through partnerships

First, finding a qualified and experienced omnichannel communications partner is key to tackling these industry challenges.

Infobip provides products and channels that gave us the quickest time to market for use cases and excellent chatbot technology.

Alexandre Carle

Product director of innovation and partnerships at Vocalcom 

Infobip and Vocalcom bring together their respective expertise and quality products to build flexible solutions for businesses. The Hermes Digital Journey is a new solution, built by Vocalcom and powered by Infobip, that creates ideal customer journeys. For every interaction, brands can define the preferred channel, the right moment, and the relevant content of the message to build customer advocacy at an optimal cost. 

Our partnership has allowed Vocalcom to expand their offering to customers by providing a full range of communication channels and embedded chatbots from Infobip paired with Vocalcom’s leading voice and digital contact solution to enable businesses to build custom journeys at their fingertips.  

This co-creation allows Vocalcoms’ customers to access multiple use cases across various channels and keep end users engaged throughout the entire customer journey – on a single dashboard. 

Discover 2 popular use cases from the Hermes Digital Journey:

Choosing an omnichannel partner

So, how do you choose the right omnichannel partner to enrich your product offering? Carle points out a few stand-out features that makes Infobip the ideal partner for Vocalcom.

Worldwide local presence:

Infobip and Vocalcom are both “glocal”, in that they have a local presence across the globe, making collaboration simple and efficient.  

This became a huge benefit as employees and customers speak the same languages, understand each other’s core pain points and are available for support 24/7.

Migration of data

Safeguarding data is of upmost importance to both Infobip and Vocalcom. But migrating data from an old system to a new platform can be a lengthy and complicated process.  

Infobip aims to make data migration as simple as possible, with little to no effort required from our partners or customers. And with 42 data centers worldwide, data can remain local and secure. 

We did a migration of data, and we were sure that the data was staying within the country. It took two days; it was really easy. I feel we are efficient together and that we can deliver.

Alexandre Carle

Product director of innovation and partnerships at Vocalcom 

Co-creation opportunities

As an omnichannel provider, we need to ensure we can offer our partners and customers the best possible products and services that work towards their needs and goals. That’s why we constantly look for opportunities to collaborate and listen to their needs and ideas so we can build the right products and services.  

Our flagship event Brioni Unlocked, allowed us to meet with customers and partners to present what products are in our pipeline and how we can develop them in accordance with the challenges, obstacles, and goals our partners have. 

We have been working over the last two years to evolve products- how security should be done, what are the features and evolving the channels supported.  

We are here at this Brioni event, on the development of conversational experiences and compared to other partners, this is not a standard of the industry. Being in the co-creation ecosystem is something we appreciate

Alexandre Carle

Product director of innovation and partnerships at Vocalcom 

So, finding the right omnichannel communications partner with a full stack of channels and services is essential to elevating your contact center offering. But what’s next for the future of future-proofing your CX? 

In short, AI and automation powered by customer data will evolve proactive customer experiences.  

How will AI impact the future of customer experience?

Vocalcom’s main goal is to help their customers bring quality experiences to their consumers. Artificial intelligence has opened up the potential to make this easier and more efficient.  

AI can be used to analyze important customer data, narrow down what is important to the users to provide quality conversational experiences. Building conversational experiences involves feeding this data to intelligent chatbots that know exactly when they can no longer help and can transfer the customer to a live agent without any hiccups. 

But as of recent, AI has created the opportunity to develop products that bring conversational experiences to the next level using the same customer data. 

Our conversational experience platform uses generative AI and pre-set messaging templates for popular use cases to build customer journeys across different industries. Each user will have a custom experience based on the data collected on them, allowing for richer and more natural experiences that mimic human interactions.  

This technology can transform the way we interact with consumers and how businesses approach building communication strategies in the future. With further input and development with partners like Vocalcom, we can start to pave the way for new innovations in conversational experiences and how CCaaS providers can offer the best possible experiences to B2C brands and their end-users.  

Take advantage of a CCaaS and omnichannel partnership

Sep 25th, 2023
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Content Marketing Specialist

Monika Karlović

Content Marketing Specialist