What is a human takeover?

A human takeover (also agent takeover) is a fallback feature for AI and keyword chatbots.

Where a chatbot cannot assist with a customer query, a human contact center agent can take over the conversation in real time and be able to view the conversation history.

This is particularly useful for complex, non-standard queries that can’t be addressed through a simple keyword or AI chatbot.

Pairing chatbots with human contact center agents is a key feature of modern cloud contact center solutions that enables companies to offload common tasks and frequently asked questions (FAQs) to chatbots, freeing agents to deal with more challenging tasks.

What triggers human takeover?

Human takeover can be triggered by different scenarios, including:

  • The chatbot doesn’t know how to answer the question
  • Explicit request from the customer
  • A specific intent is made where human intervention is desired or required
  • Negative answers to feedback questions

What are the types of human takeover?

There are two types of human takeovers: warm and cold takeovers.

Warm takeover implies that the users’ inquiry is immediately forwarded to a staff member. The human response is played out in the same channel and at that exact moment.

On the other hand, a cold takeover interrupts the ‘natural’ conversation flow and/or changes the channel.

Effective omnichannel cloud contact center solution, like Conversations, can ensure that companies can support warm takeovers.

Nov 3rd, 2020
2 min read

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