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AI chatbot

An AI chatbot or “conversational chatbot” is an intent-based computer program that uses artificial intelligence to bring a conversational approach to customer service.

An AI chatbot – or “conversational chatbot” – is a computer program that enables a user to make and resolve a query via text or a voice interface.

The main difference between rule-based keyword chatbots and intent-based AI chatbots is to do with how customers interact with the program.

A keyword chatbot provides a set of options from which a customer or user can select the best fit for their query.

AI chatbots, on the other hand, enable more conversational interactions by interpreting the user’s intent based on the language they’re using.

The artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing behind this type of chatbot provides a superior customer experience that’s much closer to the experience of chatting with a human contact center agent.

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