SMS marketing solutions for hotels and hospitality

Increase guest loyalty and satisfaction with timely, direct SMS communication before, during, and after their visit.

Communication gaps in the hotel and hospitality experience

A guest’s hotel and hospitality experience starts from their search and continues long after their visit. And communication plays a big role at every touchpoint. Build trust and long-term loyalty with timely, personalized SMS messaging for hotels and hospitality.

Leads abandon the reservation process

Increased competition and multi-step processes have led to higher reservation abandonment rates. Sending timely reminders can encourage guests to complete their reservations and increase conversion rates for your hotel or restaurant.

Guests don’t receive enough information

Guests need relevant, timely information before, during, and after their visit. Creating a strategy to keep guests informed and engaged with the right details and at the right time can build trust and loyalty in the long run.

Guests don’t follow through with reservations

Hotels and restaurants often face last-minute cancellations or no-shows. Setting up proactive SMS communication and timely reminders can influence guests to follow through or rebook, minimizing revenue loss.

Turn one-time visitors into loyal customers

Use an SMS solution built for hotels and hospitality to set up personalized, relevant, real-time communication with your guests and visitors.

Improve conversion rates and customer experience

Encourage customers to take advantage of your latest offers.

Send targeted SMS promotions to guests to drive bookings and increase revenue, such as limited time offers that encourage them to complete their reservations. Then share personalized, real-time updates and information such as check-in instructions, room upgrade offers, and dining recommendations to enhance their experience further.

Voice API flight notifications

Reduce cancelations and no-shows

Encourage guests to follow through with their reservations.

Keep customers informed by sending automated SMS reminders to guests prior to their arrival. Share details such as their scheduled arrival or reservation time and ask them to confirm the details you have on file.

Voice IVR

Collect reviews and customer feedback

Improve your hotel and hospitality experience with guest insights.

Gather valuable feedback from guests about their stays with two-way SMS surveys to improve service quality and customer satisfaction levels. Prompt guests to leave reviews on popular reviews platforms via SMS to help manage your online reputation and attract future guests.

Voice API - Number masking

How SMS helps improve the hotel and hospitality industry

Discover how to use SMS to elevate your hotel and hospitality experiences.

Boost bookings and enhance guest satisfaction

with an SMS solution built for hotels and hospitality