eCommerce SMS notification solution that boost conversions and retention

Deliver timely eCommerce SMS notifications with automated, plug-and-play solutions. Accelerate conversions and build brand loyalty over the most widely available channel.

Challenges SMS can help you overcome

Eliminate long call queues, simplify your path to customer service, and provide real-time notifications and updates with an easy-to-use platform that takes the guesswork out of eCommerce SMS messaging.

Customers don’t complete their purchases

Customers have a long way to go from discovering your brand to completing their first purchase. Brands that want to stay top of mind and cut through noisy competition need to offer accessible and clear communication every step of the way.

Call center agents are overwhelmed

Long wait times are one of the main reasons customers choose to switch brands. Not being able to get a hold of an agent in a reasonable time will make them turn to the next available brand with a simplified path to customer service. 

Delivery times and locations change

Delivery is a key component of any eCommerce strategy. Keeping customers informed and enabling them to change their delivery details can save a positive customer experience from turning sour.

Turn one-time buyers into loyal customers

Give customers a faster, more reliable way to connect with you through SMS eCommerce messaging.

Minimize cart abandonment

Encourage customers to complete their purchase.

Send timely SMS alerts directly to their phones. Set up relevant eCommerce marketing messages to share your latest offers and link to your website to influence buying activity. Ensure the best visibility on the most used digital channel worldwide. 

Voice API flight notifications

Reduce customer service wait times

Take the load off your call center and increase satisfaction. 

Enable customers to text your call center agents instead of waiting in a queue. Set up automated eCommerce SMS messaging to give customers a response even when all your agents are busy.

Voice IVR

Improve your delivery experience

Set up automated delivery alerts and notifications to keep customers informed. 

Share links and contact information to enable them to get in touch with delivery staff or make changes to their delivery address and instructions.  

Voice API - Number masking

Secure your online shopping journey

Protect your customers from fraudsters as they shop your eCommerce store. 

Set up SMS two-factor authentication to secure your customer accounts and transactions. Avoid costly mishaps with a simple and efficient way to authenticate user identity and information that is unique to them. 

  • Multi-layered authentication 
  • Biometrics 
  • Artificial intelligence
WebRTC with Voice API

How SMS is already helping teams like yours

Discover how retail and eCommerce brands used our SMS service to elevate customer engagement, achieve the best delivery rates, and reach their business goals. 

Elevate your eCommerce journey with fast and reliable SMS messaging