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Würth: 6x Faster Sales While Improving Delivery and Payment Processes

Würth: 6x Faster Sales While Improving Delivery and Payment Processes


Improving the sales cycle, customer satisfaction, and payment collection processes

Würth Serbia’s marketing and sales departments often struggled with efficiently communicating promotions to customers. The process was tedious as sales representatives had to do this alone, which sometimes resulted in difficulties to reach goals, such as clearing overstock.

Further, there were situations where there was a lack of communication throughout the delivery process. Since information about the time of delivery was not communicated efficiently, customers were not able to properly organize the acceptance of products.

Würth’s sales team also had to collect outstanding balances from customers who missed their invoice payment due dates. Since sales reps had to contact each customer individually, this tedious and ineffective process led to some customers having the issue of bad debt with Würth.

As Würth’s customer base grew, they realized it would not be feasible for their sales representatives to handle these problems in this way. Würth knew that in order to deliver the customer experience they needed to remain a leading brand, it was time to implement a new means of customer communication that would streamline their current processes.


Solving communication on multiple levels with an omnichannel strategy

The implementation of our omnichannel solution was done on multiple layers to quickly sell overstock items, increase successful deliveries, and automate the debt collection process.

Selling overstock items with Viber, email, and SMS

Through the Infobip Portal, these three channels were used to quickly sell overstock items in their warehouses. In order to ensure customers received these informative messages, they structured an SMS failover plan that would first send messages to specifically targeted industries through email and Viber; if messages were not successfully delivered through Viber, the failover system would send them to customers through SMS.

Integrating API into their ERP system to increase successful delivery

Further, Würth integrated the Infobip API into their ERP system to automate SMS notifications. They sent these notifications to customers throughout the delivery process which increased the probability of the right people being at the drop off location to make for successful delivery.

Improving the debt collection process with automated SMS notifications

Würth also used automated SMS notifications to tackle their problem of debt collection. They used a specially made algorithm to send outstanding balance reminders to customers at various steps in the process:

  • 15 days prior to the balance due date
  • 10 days prior to the balance due date
  • 7 days after the balance due date, and so on

This helped Würth and their customers keep track of these balances, increasing the likelihood of payment.


6x faster sales, increase in successful deliveries, and reduction of customer debt

Würth saw results immediately in their first campaign. By incorporating an omnichannel solution, the company was able to scale its business. Communicating new promotions to their customers now takes minutes. With this new process, they experienced 6x faster sales – what used to be sold in 30 days is now sold in five.

wurth infobip case study result

Through this new implementation, Würth saw an improvement in their customer satisfaction. The process of sending outstanding payment notifications was also streamlined to provide enough time for customers to respond with payment in the appropriate time frame – decreasing the problem of bad debt. By implementing an automated and reliable way of communicating with customers, Würth’s sales and marketing teams can focus more on selling and less on administrative tasks, like arranging deliveries and debt collection.

Nemanja Malisic
IT Project Manager

Using Infobip’s omnichannel solutions helped us streamline our communication process and speed up sales. What we used to sell in 30 days, we now sell in 5 days. This newly automated process has helped us increase our customer reach, improve our existing customer relationships, and enhance the overall work experience for our employees.

Company profile


The Würth Group is a world market leader in its core business, the trade of assembly and fastening materials. It currently consists of over 400 companies in more than 80 countries and has 71,000 employees on its payroll. 31,500 of these are permanently employed sales representatives who are set out to provide customers with solutions that meet their needs. Communication between these sales reps and their customers is key to delivering a satisfying customer experience.