King Power Click: Increased customer satisfaction using automated messaging


increase in customer satisfaction


Keeping customers informed about their purchase and delivery

King Power Click (KPC) was looking for a way to improve their communication with customers. Their main goal was to streamline the overall online shopping experience – from before purchase to after delivery.

King Power Click wanted to provide customers with adequate information that would ensure they successfully received their orders. This includes notifying customers that their payment was successful all the way through to sending them alerts when their package is ready to be picked up.

In addition to optimizing the purchasing process, the company wanted to increase the number of KPC loyalty card members.


Integrating systems with Infobip to automate messaging and increase security

Since King Power International has worked with Infobip since 2015, King Power Click decided to use Infobip’s platform to send SMS notifications and alerts to customers.

King Power Click integrated Infobip’s platform with their CRM to set up automated messaging. By doing this, the online duty-free retailer can send timely notifications to customers that make a purchase. These messages often include:

  • Order confirmation containing the purchase receipt 
  • Ready for pick up alerts 
  • Pick up reminders  

Due to the integration, King Power Click is also able to send one-time PINs (OTPs) to customers who sign up for their loyalty card membership. This has made onboarding simpler and faster than before.


Up to 15% greater customer satisfaction and a growing loyalty card member base

By introducing SMS as a new communication channel to receive notifications, alerts, and one-time PINs, King Power Click was able to optimize processes and offer a seamless purchasing experience for customers.

As a result, customer satisfaction increased by up to 15%.

15% increase in customer satisfaction

Additionally, the number of KPC loyalty card members also increased. And, with the help of local Infobip support, King Power Click is equipped to resolve any issues that may arise, fast.

Integrating our systems with Infobip to automate our messaging has helped us save time and cut costs. Now, our customers receive timely notifications when they need them most. As a result, our customer satisfaction has increased by up to 15%. Infobip’s dedicated support in our region has helped make the entire process easy.

Panithan Termsaithong

Vice President of Marketing

Company Profile

King Power Click

King Power Click is the sister company of King Power International Group – the biggest duty-free retail in Thailand. King Power Click enables King Power customers to make duty-free travel purchases online through their digital eCommerce platform, including and the King Power application.