Simplify the telco customer experience with SMS messaging

Take the guesswork out of customer engagement, technical support, and messaging regulations with an SMS solution built for the telecommunications industry.

Challenges telco companies can overcome with SMS

Build a consistent, compliant, and effective communications strategy with a widespread, reliable channel. Use SMS to streamline customer interactions and give them the support they need, when they need it most.

Communication is scattered

Keeping up with communication across various channels can be challenging and time-consuming. Text messaging ensures customers receive your messages wherever they might be, working alongside other channels such as phone calls or email to deliver timely responses to their queries.

Regulatory compliance is hard to navigate

Ensuring all customer communication complies with regional and national regulations adds complexity to your strategy. SMS has fewer regulatory requirements than other channels, making it easier to send transactional messages, services updates, and other alerts that are subject to regulatory scrutiny.

Customers encounter complex issues

Billing, service disruptions, technical issues, and account management are all common customer issues within the telecommunications industry. SMS gives you and your customers a simple way to provide troubleshooting tips or schedule appointments for support, while minimizing the need for lengthy phone calls or email exchanges.

Simplify the complexity of telco customer communication with SMS

Turn customer frustration into satisfaction with a fast, convenient, and regulatory-compliant communication channel.

Set up omnichannel communication

Make SMS work with other favorable channels.

Set up text messaging alongside your other customer channels on an omnichannel platform. Use it as your main communication channel or as a failover option to ensure customers receive critical alerts and messages, regardless of data connectivity.

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Reduce service wait times

Keep customers informed with automated alerts and messages.

Send automated service updates to inform customers about network maintenance, service disruptions, and other interferences to minimize frustration and calls to your support center. Set up a two-way SMS chatbot to answer common support requests and questions, reducing your time to resolution.

Voice IVR

Increase customer engagement and sales

Send customers offers tailored to their preferences.

Set up targeted SMS campaigns with personalized promotions and offers based on customer usage patterns, preferences, and demographics. Encourage customers to purchase add-ons or renew contracts by analyzing customer data and segmentation criteria.

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Simplify the telco customer experience with fast, reliable SMS messaging