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Hrvatski Telekom: Introducing New Communication Services for Enterprise Clients

Hrvatski Telekom: Introducing New Communication Services for Enterprise Clients

  • 20% increase in revenue year-on-year
  • 10% increase in customer interactions year-on-year


Expanding service portfolios for key banking clients

Hrvatski Telekom was looking for a way to upgrade its offer for key banking clients and introduce new services to further increase the value for its larger corporate clients. The company sought to avoid large capital expenditures associated with launching and marketing new products and was keen to implement a viable solution within a relatively short period of time. A2P SMS messaging seemed like a good way for portfolio expansion, but it required an extensive set of tools, programs, and infrastructure to develop a viable business model around the growing A2P SMS potential.


A growing mGate and CPaaS partnership

Infobip and Hrvatski Telekom engaged in a new business model at the time dubbed Enterprise Partnership, where Infobip provided a communications platform and tools that Hrvatski Telekom marketed under their own brand to major enterprises in Croatia. The flexible business model allowed Hrvatski Telekom to keep the contractual relationship with clients, with a joint sales effort between Infobip and Hrvatski Telekom. Support is handled by Hrvatski Telekom for first-level support and Infobip is in charge of more complex issues and escalations.

Initially centered around the mGate automated programmable SMS messaging gateway and launched in 2012, the partnership grew as Infobip added new tools and channels to its customer communication solutions portfolio. mGate has proven itself as an excellent tool for SMS customer engagement and has been widely adopted by Croatian banks.

However, as new engagement channels emerged, and as they began to be integrated into Infobip’s communications platform, the scope of the partnership with Hrvatski Telekom has also expanded. Engagement solutions via Viber and email have been the first new channels to be added and deployed with enterprise clients in 2018.

Key industry verticals and the main clients of the partnership are companies in the finance and banking, logistics and transport, retail, and tourism sectors, reflecting their need for direct and engaging communication with consumers.

Starting with A2P SMS and progressing to more elaborate communications channels was a logical path for Hrvatski Telekom, whose initial goal was to introduce SMS customer communication to large organizations such as banks or retailers. CPaaS solutions with their user-friendly features and rich media capabilities are the go-to method for massive and targeted mobile engagement with customers and are also flexible enough to be easily used by SMEs in addition to large enterprises.


20% Increase in revenue and 10% increase in number of customer interactions year-on-year

The partnership between Infobip and Hrvatski Telekom has been a roaring success. The unique business model and market-leading messaging solution allowed the partners to become a trusted provider for the country’s largest enterprises, and in a way anticipated the current digital transformation trend.

Over the years, the partnership has seen a steady increase in revenue of an average 20% year-on-year, with an average increase in number of customer interactions of 10% year-on-year in the same period, illustrating the reach and the adoption of this type of customer communications. In addition, the majority of Croatian banks are clients, including all the largest ones.

The partnership allowed Hrvatski Telekom to expand and enrich its enterprise portfolio and open new product development streams in the company’s business strategies. What was once a partnership based on A2P SMS has since evolved into a full-fledged CPaaS business solutions partnership, with multiple channels and technologies for a rounded conversational commerce and customer engagement solution.

WhatsApp, Viber, chatbots, email, as well as the trusted and reliable SMS are all part of this partnership that helps enterprises maintain business continuity – one of the key themes of 2020. In addition to these, Hrvatski Telekom and Infobip are also collaborating on a range of enterprise-oriented and user-friendly services and technologies, such as Mobile Identity and RCS, as well as SaaS-based solutions.

Ivana Beli Oštarčević
Director of ICT Portfolio Sector

Our partnership with Infobip has allowed Hrvatski Telekom to offer its enterprise clients a full solution – telco services and messaging solutions – empowering them to fully manage their customer communication. Revenue increase of 20% and a 10% growth in customer interactions illustrate the efficiency of the partnership. Infobip have proved themselves as an innovative and proactive partner, always one step ahead of everyone else and we’re looking forward to powering digital transformation for Croatian enterprises in the future.

Company profile

Hrvatski Telekom

Hrvatski Telekom is the leading telecommunications company in Croatia providing a full range of telecommunications services – fixed and mobile telephony services, data transmission, TV services, internet and international communications. As the biggest private investor in digitalization, Hrvatski Telekom is the leader in the digitalization of Croatia and was the first to launch a commercial 5G network in Croatia in 2020, which opened a new chapter in the development of the digital society and economy, preparing Croatia for the digital transformation based on the Industry 4.0. Independent international awards such as Ookla and umlaut (former P3) “Best in Test” awards in 2020. confirmed Hrvatski Telekom’s leading network status in Croatia, showing that Hrvatski Telekom’s mobile network is one of ten fastest in the world. In addition, Hrvatski Telekom also provides a wide range of business solutions and services to companies of all sizes, from ICT and Cloud services to POS and customer engagement solutions, as well as Smart City solutions to local Croatian governments.