Vodafone Fiji: Increased revenue and monetized A2P SMS with Anam Protect SMS Firewall solution


higher revenue


higher in monetized SMS traffic


A2P SMS revenue stagnation

As the leading telecom provider in Fiji and one of the largest telecom groups globally, Vodafone strives to be a digital-first company with continuous improvement to bring the next level of customer engagement and secure mobile innovation to more than 780,000 subscribers.

The MNO has an 85% market share with a 100% market penetration.

However, with the surge in demand for data and app usage across industries, Vodafone faced some technical and security issues with its SMS and A2P messaging service, causing several challenges, including:

  • a significant loss in profit revenue due to unintentional blocking of legal traffic
  • difficulty in differentiating between genuine vs. malicious traffic
  • lack of technology to identify and block grey routes and prevent spamming content
  • rise in customer complaints due to unintentional blocking of A2P messages, mostly related to One Time Passwords (OTPs)

To address these challenges, it was imperative for Vodafone to partner with a single A2P SMS security solutions provider that can manage and monetize all A2P SMS traffic and effectively detect grey routes and fraudulent traffic.


SMS firewall for A2P messaging monetization and traffic revenue generation

Vodafone was looking for an A2P SMS partner that could provide the needed solution to ensure the delivery of secure messages and help them bring more value to their end users. 

The solution needed to be technically capable of:

  • monetizing traffic
  • eliminating grey routes
  • detecting and filtering fraudulent traffic
  • managing genuine traffic and risk mitigation
  • delivering consistent A2P SMS revenue growth

Not only that but also flexible enough to adapt to complex telecommunications infrastructure.

Infobip’s SMS Firewall solution, Anam Protect ticked all the boxes. The firewall solution works to identify and block fraudulent traffic while protecting messages from legitimate businesses and organizations across partner networks at a time when fraudsters are ready to take advantage.

Due to its immediacy and reach, SMS is a crucial channel for business communication. Whether your customers are waiting for an OTP to verify their bank account or a pin code to verify their tax return information, businesses generally are going for SMS as a security verification tool.

In turn, MNOs generate more revenue from the increased business messaging traffic. With an SMS firewall solution, their subscribers are safe from any fraudulent activity.

By providing a firewall that filters messages, Anam Protect helps Vodafone protect subscribers against spam and fraud. Like a tolled road, there will always be those trying to find shortcuts or backways to the endpoint.

Anam Protect blocks this “grey route” traffic and filters it through the paid route, ensuring that all traffic is legitimate and clean while:

  • generating additional revenues for the MNO
  • achieving proper risk mitigation
  • enhancing the overall user experience


Monetized SMS monthly revenue by 29x and SMS traffic by 23x

With the Anam Protect firewall solution, Vodafone was able to achieve substantial results:

  • Increased traffic revenue 29x higher than before using the solution
  • Reduced SMS spamming and increased genuine A2P traffic
  • Monetized monthly SMS traffic by 23x higher
  • Significant reduction in Customer complaints

All leading to exceptional and effective A2P SMS monetization and enhanced user experience for Vodafone’s customers.

We have built a trusted partnership with Infobip. Through Anam Protect, we can now achieve new revenue streams that we didn’t have before. Vodafone can now securely provide a full-fledged SMS service without compromising loss. We look forward to expanding our collaboration with Infobip in the near future.

Vikash Prasad

CTO – Vodafone Fiji