Infobip x Vodafone: How telcos are leveraging CPaaS to revolutionize customer relationships

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Razan Saleh

Senior Content Marketing Specialist

Vodafone Italy highlights their winning partnership with Infobip and how using an omnichannel communication strategy helped scale their business-customer relationships.

As customer expectations radically shift towards personalized omnichannel experiences, telcos are embracing new digital technologies to accommodate these rising demands. It’s all about delivering exceptional customer experiences, creating value at every touch point, and meeting customers where they are.

This provides an opportunity for cloud communication service providers to offer communications platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) as a solution to build customer-centric experiences and boost engagement.

Leveraging CPaaS enables telcos to harness real-time communication technologies that improve customer experiences, reduce costs, and drive deeper engagements.

We sat down with Vodafone Italy to discuss their partnership with Infobip and how leveraging CpaaS and adopting an omnichannel communication strategy revolutionizes their business-customer relationships.

CPaaS is a game changer

CPaaS is fast emerging as the efficient, economical way that telcos and other businesses can deliver personalized experiences that lead to higher customer satisfaction. Fundamentally, CPaaS enables businesses to add real-time communication (RTC) features to their existing platforms or systems using open APIs, sample codes, or pre-built apps. This will enable you to:

  • Simplify access and deployment of a wide range of communications channels, including chat apps, SMS, RCS, voice, email, and video.
  • Orchestrate end-to-end customer journeys based on industry-specific use cases.
  • Automate support and personalize interactions that meet customer needs through proactive messaging.

From streamlining transactional messaging to verifying personal accounts through two-factor authentication and integrating text-based and voice-based support, it is no surprise that Gartner has predicted that 90% of organizations will turn to cloud-based technology by the end of 2023.

By the end of 2024, the CPaaS market is expected to reach $17.7 billion, according to IDC. Thereby revolutionizing business-customer relationships and engagement strategies in the coming years.

Adopting omnichannel to transform customer conversation

Many businesses today still rely heavily on SMS to communicate with their customers. And while it’s undoubtedly valuable for its great reliability, effectiveness, wide reach, and message delivery, many other digital channels are now emerging.

Donato di Nella

Head of Corporate Sales – Vodafone, Italy

Customers are looking for convenient ways to connect with businesses, with shorter wait times and faster resolution for their queries. This calls for an omnichannel communication approach to reach and support customers at any point in their experience. Even if you’re using some of the traditional channels like SMS or voice, using an omnichannel strategy allows you to:

  • Architect a customer engagement strategy that integrates additional communications channels
  • Deliver conversational experiences in marketing, sales, and support throughout a single flow of communication
  • Offer hyper-personalization, automation, and 24/7 availability on multiple channels

Customer interactions can be enriched with the right integrations and channels, leading to more meaningful conversations. Therefore, we can expect digital channel adoption to grow in the next few years, with businesses continuing to communicate with customers on their favorite channels, including:

RCS and Google’s Business Messages are amongst other channels that are expected to rise along with new uses cases for customer engagement and AI chatbots.

Grow your business with digital communication

Starting with an omnichannel approach isn’t just about growing brand awareness or a pipeline of leads. It’s about enhancing your customer engagement by putting customers at the center of the experience and building your messaging strategies to make it easy for them to connect with you and ultimately increase satisfaction.

When it comes to customer engagement, the end user doesn’t really differentiate between virtual and physical communication. To them, it’s all about the experience they’re receiving. Therefore, communication must be highly integrated and diversified.

Donato di Nella

Head of Corporate Sales – Vodafone, Italy

An integrated communication strategy can be leveraged by having detailed customer profiles and utilizing the data collected to understand customer behaviors and drive personalized messaging. Using a proper Customer Data Platform will provide you with the correct information about the needs and wants of your customer, enabling you to create more effective marketing campaigns that will speak to your customers directly.

In turn, this will reduce your marketing costs and grow your business by focusing on a specific group of customers who are more likely to buy from you.

Infobip x Vodafone: A winning partnership

Vodafone Italy chose Infobip as a preferred technology partner to innovate communications, elevate CX, and grow and monetize on multiple fronts. Our omnichannel cloud communications platform gave them access to every channel, solution, and tool required to build and orchestrate unlimited friction-free interactions and multi-touch journeys.

By partnering with us, Vodafone can now sell our comprehensive product stack and solutions to their business customers – alongside their network offer or as bundled packages. Working with us, Vodafone has a compelling opportunity to orchestrate and secure enterprises’ interactions with end users.

The collaboration with Infobip has a lot to do with our philosophy and approach to our business customers. We share the same values as Infobip: solid technology, strong expertise brought by professionals that are always available to support us, and long-term vision to development and evolution. This partnership is helping us guide our customers when adopting or implementing their omnichannel strategy.

Donato di Nella

Head of Corporate Sales – Vodafone, Italy

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