Ooredoo Algeria: Double-digit increase in A2P SMS traffic and revenue with Infobip SMS Firewall solution


increase in A2P traffic


increase in A2P SMS revenue


Need to reinvigorate stagnating A2P business

Ooredoo in Algeria is a country leader in 4G data network that offers mobile connectivity services, with a major focus on providing a secure messaging ecosystem for almost 13 million subscribers.

Ooredoo Algeria has recorded exponential growth in revenues from application-to-person messaging (A2P) for several years, but the rising cases of fraud directly impacted monitoring and monetization of traffic. In addition, they faced challenges such as lack of communication infrastructure, loss of messages, and the notorious gap between transmission and reception.

The responsibility for A2P operations was shared across different departments, which limited engagement and business growth. It was essential to develop a fast, efficient and responsive communication solution that would benefit their existing and potential customer base.

Ooredoo Algeria needed an effective solution partner that would help them overcome the decline in A2P traffic, fight against fraud, and provide dedicated service to facilitate their day-to-day operations smoothly and securely.


Optimized and secure A2P SMS traffic with Infobip’s SMS Firewall solution

Ooredoo Algeria chose Infobip due to our market-leading connectivity, reliable solutions, and compatibility with different mobile networks. Our Anam Protect SMS Firewall solution seamlessly integrated into Ooredoo Algeria’s telecom infrastructure and deployed advanced detection and filtering modules to monitor the traffic. 

The Anam Protect SMS Firewall also helped secure their network and protect their subscribers from fraudsters by eliminating grey routes. Additionally, it helped in monetizing the A2P traffic passing through their network, resulting in increased revenues.

Using our Anam Protect SMS Firewall, Ooredoo Algeria can now segment SMS traffic in real time, enabling them to apply the correct pricing for each type of traffic. Now, the solution is monitoring all messaging sources and blocking fraudulent and grey route traffic in real time with the help of Infobip’s in-built machine learning technology. This positively impacted revenue maximization for their international A2P business. 

By monitoring and securing their network with Infobip’s Anam Protect SMS Firewall, Ooredoo Algeria were able to secure their messaging ecosystem for their subscribers.

To help with the implementation of the firewall solution, Infobip’s telco experts ensured it was up and running quickly on Ooredoo Algeria’s IT infrastructure. The flexibility and agility of our Managed Services team made sure Ooredoo Algeria got the adequate visibility and insight into all inbound A2P traffic.


Double-digit increase in revenue and traffic

Ooredoo Algeria saw up to a 15% increase in traffic since implementing Infobip’s Anam Protect SMS Firewall. It has also seen its market share increase significantly, with a revenue increase of 35%.

Integration of our machine learning capabilities resulted in efficient and accurate traffic filtering, reducing the number of false positives with each system iteration. The combination of our solutions powerful technical features and expertise in A2P messaging helped reverse the stagnation in revenues and protect their subscribers.

In case of any technical challenges or requests, our telco experts were always on hand to troubleshoot in real time.

As an experienced global player in SMS firewalls and a Managed Services provider for telcos, Infobip continues to work as a trusted partner in developing Ooredoo Algeria’s A2P business.

Infobip is a partner of choice for Ooredoo Algeria. Infobip’s Anam Protect SMS Firewall Solution helps us daily send our messages securely to the right people at the right time and thus produce the right impact that allows us to increase our revenues fundamentally. Increasing Ooredoo Algeria’s traffic in this area has been a real challenge to overcome, and Infobip has been able to help us find a solution to this problem. Infobip’s support has allowed us to reach our full broadcast capacity more than ever before and to ensure that all our communications reach our customers in a timely and relevant manner – we very much appreciate the collaborative nature of work shown by the Infobip team working with us and our IT organization and vendors.

Sergey Plykin

Chief Strategy & Wholesale Officer, Ooredoo Algeria

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