The Rich Future of RCS Business Messaging

Senior Content Marketing Specialist

Domagoj Puksec

Senior Content Marketing Specialist

In 2020, the world has slowly moved away from the question “what is RCS“ and has started asking other questions such as how to enable RCS or when an operator will enable the channel.

Just two years ago, in 2018, there were only 174 million active users of Rich Communication Services, while In 2019, the number floated around 300 million.In 2020, the number of RCS monthly active users has jumped to almost half a billion, with still plenty of time to surpass the magic number as the ecosystem is constantly growing, with around 100 operator launches around the world.

Why are people embracing RCS

The significant rise in the usage of RCS comes as no surprise to people who have been watching the channel evolve over the years and gaining more and more features such as:

  • Rich media (photographs, gifs, video, audio, rich cards, and carousels) 
  • Sender verification 
  • Improved location functionality 
  • Configurable buttons 
  • Open URL button 
  • Longer messages 
  • Customizable branding opportunities
  • Chatbots 
  • Real-time analytics 
  • Fallback to SMS

When you combine RCS’s rich capabilities with the fact that users don’t have to download anything – as it already comes native to the majority of mobile phones around the world, it is no wonder that people are adopting it quickly.

Rich ways of interacting with customers

The other side of RCS’s rise are the numerous brands and businesses that have embraced the channel in 2020.

In addition to enabling brands to use the multiple rich features and showcase their branding, using RCS also provides a safe and secure communication channel.

After a brand has been verified by a Verification Authority (Mobile Network Operators, for example), their logo will show at the top of conversations, along with their brand name, color, and a checkmark that verifies the sender – greatly reducing the potential for spam and impersonation fraud.

RCS in practice

In the last few years, we’ve worked closely with Mobile Network Operators around the world to help them roll out RCS. This has given us an invaluable insight into the best practices from multiple markets, which we’ve used to help many brands generate revenue with engaging customer journeys and messaging.

Check out the videos below and let us show you how RCS looks in practice.

Engaging food ordering process

Papa John’s used RCS to promote their new vegan pizza menu and increase engagement.

Twitter campaign demo

Twitter created an engagement campaign using RCS.

Branded customer journey

EaseMyTrip used RCS to build a completely branded customer journey.

Rich and engaging campaigns

BankBazaar used RCS to invite customers to install their app and check their credit score.

These are just some of the examples. To discover more please visit our YouTube page and our customer stories.

With RCS messaging now available around the world, the future of brand communications looks promising.

Nov 20th, 2020
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Senior Content Marketing Specialist

Domagoj Puksec

Senior Content Marketing Specialist