Digitaleo: Introducing RCS Business Messaging to clients

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Making client communication campaigns more engaging

In order to provide their clients with the best in customer communication, Digitaleo is always looking for new trends and channels that can be used to improve their clients’ communication and, ultimately, results.

Digitaleo’s clients began demanding adding rich media to their campaigns in order to create meaningful conversations with their customers.

Digitaleo recognized the potential of Rich Communication Services (RCS) early on, since the channel was announced. The rich feature set, along with other capabilities that can greatly improve two-way communication, convinced Digitaleo it would be the perfect channel for their clients once it was fully available.

The only thing left was to find the right partner, one who had the necessary experience and relationship with Google, and was able to support and consult them regarding RCS implementation and usage.


Providing RCS to clients through Infobip

Digitaleo is aware that customer expectations are constantly on the rise – that they want meaningful interactions with brands. This makes using advanced communication channels like RCS critical, both to communicate with customers and to display products and services in the most appealing way possible.

After consulting with Infobip, Digitaleo experimented with RCS and tested its capabilities before creating actual campaigns intended to leverage the channel and provide the most value for their client.

Digitaleo suggested RCS Business Messaging to one of their clients, an auto retail company called Bodemer Auto. They immediately saw the benefit of being able to send a carousel of vehicle images to their customers and then follow up with interested customers.

After the initial support from Infobip, the team at Digitaleo took complete control of the solution and quickly started creating campaign scenarios. Together with Bodemer Auto, they decided to target Black Friday as the ideal date to start a conversation.

When the time came, Bodemer Auto’s customers received interactive RCS messages that showcased the vehicles with details on the Black Friday deal, and invited them to the dealerships.

The expertise and support were even more important to us than the solution itself. Our feedback in this project with Infobip is very positive, and the fact that we were able to pre-test it was an important point for Digitaleo. It gave us the satisfaction of experiencing this novelty and the satisfaction of showing our clients new ways of communicating and having engaging conversations with their customers.

Martin Briantais

Product Marketing Manager at Digitaleo


17 times more engagement with RCS compared to SMS

Adding RCS Business Messaging to their portfolio was a success by itself for Digitaleo, as it gave them the ability to offer their clients an effective 2-way communication channel. However, in order to get the best insight into the effectiveness of RCS, Digitaleo also sent a comparative campaign through SMS.

After analyzing the data, they saw that the RCS campaign for Bodemer Auto had a click rate of almost 8%, while the SMS campaign click rate was less than 1%.

Additionally, using RCS Business Messaging also provided them with the ability to gather actionable data and increase their customer knowledge. With RCS, brands and businesses can learn more about their customer preferences by following clicks and then easily segmenting customers based on their preferences.

Following the success of the RCS Business Messaging campaigns in increasing their clients’ revenue and customer engagement, Digitaleo is now looking into expanding their RCS offer to include satisfaction surveys.

We are delighted to see more customer engagement thanks to actionable buttons and offering answers choices in our campaign. We got 1 click for every 13 RCS sent messages. In comparison, with SMS, we got 1 click for every 220 messages. We’ve also seen how helpful RCS is in getting insight, as we have greatly increased our customer data. By analyzing customers’ clicks, we were able to create consumer groups according to the type of cars they selected in the RCS conversation. This will be instrumental for our targeting in the next campaigns.

Antoine Bourdy

Marketing Manager at Bodemer Auto

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Digitaleo is a local marketing collaborative solution for brands, franchises and networks that enables the activation of local point-of-sale communication. Digitaleo offers an all-in-one marketing platform, in SaaS mode, easy to use and accessible online. Digitaleo has a prolific client base that includes businesses in the auto industry, real estate, retail, and the finance industries.