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Failover is enabled and used to switch over to another communication channel in cases where a primary communication channel fails to deliver a message. In other words, failovers can be considered as backup or standby channels.

Failovers occur automatically after a certain amount of time of the system detecting that a message was not delivered to the primary source of communication. They ensure that you are getting your messages to customers via an alternative means of contact.

In Infobip, we use failovers in our Moments and Broadcast modules. They are easily set up during the message creation process and are compatible with numerous communication channels. Failovers are an incredibly powerful tool for ensuring message delivery, perhaps in cases where users may have lost connection to a particular channel.

For example, a user may be in a rural area with limited data coverage but has a stable cellular signal. If you set up a broadcast with the primary delivery source set to WhatsApp, and the message is not delivered, the system can rely on an SMS failover option to get the message to the customer.