Telekom Deutschland: Increase in campaign performance with RCS Business Messaging


better campaign performance


Create dynamic cross sell campaigns to increase conversion rates

When one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunication companies, Telekom Deutschland were looking to cross-sell and announce a free trial of the largest audio streaming provider Spotify in Germany – the campaign needed to be rich and engaging.

Telekom Deutschland wanted to create and execute an exciting campaign that would not only inform their customer base about their latest Spotify Premium offer but also initiate conversion. Thereby, successfully cross-selling the value-added offer was key to the campaign.

Traditionally, the telco provider used SMS in communicating with existing customers. However, this resulted in stagnating engagement and low conversion rates.

Telekom Deutschland knew to promote their Spotify Premium offer in an impactful manner, they needed a digital channel that was as interactive and transformative as the streaming service is, in order to capture their customer’s attention and encourage conversions.


Creating a rich engaging marketing campaign with RCS Business Messaging

Armed with insights and an attractive offer, Telekom Deutschland joined hands with Infobip to brainstorm innovative marketing ideas together and boost customer engagement levels.

Creating and delivering rich media messages via RCS with the offer and information on data privacy was the perfect solution. RCS combined the power of SMS with the richness of mobile apps and the interactivity of messaging apps. Adding a dynamic flavor to the campaign with images, carousels, and the ability to start a conversation.

Telekom Deutschland already had RCS enabled and was looking at ways they could leverage this owned channel. That’s where we came in.

Taking the customer from awareness all the way to conversion – we empowered Telekom Deutschland to create an end-to-end customer engagement journey with:

  • Moments: our omnichannel customer engagement hub helped setup the flows, automate the campaign, and send the message at the right time
  • Conversations: our digital-first contact center allowed customers to effortlessly contact an agent from the RCS message to know more and activate their Spotify premium membership

From the get-go of the RCS campaign, customers were sent an eye-catching message straight into their default messaging app via Moments. Conversations helped unexpected questions being directed to the right agent. On the backend, Telekom Deutschland agents were empowered with a single view of the customer’s interaction with the message, enabling them to fast-track the conversion.

Our customer experience experts worked alongside Telekom Deutschland throughout the campaign – to implement the right solution and provide a conversational experience to meet the business objectives.

RCS Business Messaging powered by Infobip brought together the best of technology and creativity – with a messaging campaign consisting of:

  • Rich media carousels
  • Suggested CTA buttons
  • Brand name and logo to build trust and confidence


RCS Business Messaging campaigns performed 2x better than traditional channels

Telekom Deutschland’s customer base who have RCS enabled on their smartphones is approaching 50% – giving it a competitive advantage over other native rich messaging channels. And according the GSMA Universal Profile 2, almost two thirds of these customers are able to receive RCS messages on their phone from the brand.

Compared to SMS, the RCS campaign performed two times better – leading to customers engaging with the chatbot and subscribing to Spotify.

The first campaign launched in August 2021 and the second in October. While both the RCS campaigns performed better than the SMS target group, real-time analytics via our platform enabled Telekom Deutschland to make quick tweaks to the second campaign, resulting in an improved performance.

The results were clear – RCS was the winner over SMS – in providing a dynamically engaging experience. Performing 2 times better than the customer base who were targeted with the traditional SMS campaign that ran at the same time.

Improvements in messaging and the campaign flow with the power of analytics ensured the second campaign surpassed the results of the first one.

  • +26% higher open rate
  • +66% higher engagement
  • +120% higher conversion rate

The ability to brand messages on RCS with the name and logo, along with access to customer support boosted their customer’s trust and confidence. Encouraging them to become a Spotify user.

And lastly, with the successful rollout, Telekom Deutschland is looking to drive the channels adoption for the wider German market and their clients powered by Infobip. With a target to achieve a RCS reach of more than 60%, this roll out will greatly benefit businesses who are looking to interact with customers in a rich and engaging way.

Infobip worked alongside Telekom Deutschland through the implementation process to ensure the creation of a rich media marketing campaign to convert many of our customers into Spotify Premium users. The team at Infobip brought together the understanding of the campaign objectives and technology expertise, allowing us to efficiently communicate via RCS Business Messaging, the same way we would interact with friends.

Thomas Welzel

Senior Proposition Manager Messaging, Deutsche Telekom

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