Life Insurance Department at Covéa Group: 11% conversion rate with pioneering conversational marketing campaign via RCS powered by Infobip 


conversion rate


Low conversion rates and need for an end-to-end conversational customer experience

Digital transformation is central to the Covéa Group, France’s largest insurance company, to provide the best possible customer experience across channels and platforms.

The Life Insurance Department at the Covéa Group wanted to stand out in the marketplace by enhancing their existing SMS and Email marketing campaigns. Their goal was to move away from transactional and product-based communications and adopt an advanced conversational approach to engage with customers.

The Life Insurance Department at the Covéa Group, for the brand MMA CAP, had previously run a campaign over SMS and Email for their life insurance products in 2020 and were looking to improve it further with a conversational marketing campaign over a single channel that would increase the conversion rate. The previous campaign saw customers receiving an email or SMS with a link to the landing page. Customers then had the option of interacting with a chatbot on the landing page. However, jumping between different channels led to low conversions rate and Life Insurance Department of Covéa Group wanted to enhance this conversational experience by delivering it over one single channel.

The focus was to:

  • Move from transactional to conversational communication channels 
  • Make the messaging around their retirement products more attractive to existing and prospective customers 
  • Increase awareness and appointments for their retirement products 
  • Move from a multichannel approach with SMS, Email and landing page to omnichannel with the inclusion of RCS Business Messaging 


An end-to-end conversational marketing campaign with omnichannel capabilities

To create a conversational marketing campaign across a variety of channels, Life Insurance Department of Covéa Group needed a communication platform that could:

  • leverage their customer data to create personalized campaigns,  
  • integrate a lead generation chatbot,  
  • and automate messaging flows. 

That’s where Infobip’s omnichannel cloud communication platform came in. Our channel expertise of RCS, Email and SMS powered by our customer engagement solution Moments, customer data platform People CDP and chatbot building platform Answers, gave Life Insurance Department at Covéa Group the perfect environment to experiment and build an effective campaign.

The conversational marketing journey

Life Insurance Department at Covéa Group found a simple solution with Infobip, empowering them to experiment with maximum agility in the construction of the campaign.

  • Personalized messaging: Life Insurance Department had already segmented their customers based on age, income, and current packages. People CDP fed this segmented data into the platform and allowed them to create automated flows within Moments that delivered personalized messages. 
  • Omnichannel setup: Infobip helped Life Insurance Department of Covéa Group implement RCS Business Messaging, giving them a channel that had the same conversational interface of chat apps. RCS provided an unobtrusive conversational experience over Android devices. It allowed the target audience to engage with the message via an interactive quiz to educate them on the product, assess their needs and enable them to show interest and get contacted by an agent  – all within the same channel. 

Customers could choose answers that were displayed via a carousel and were sent through an appropriate flow dependent on the option they chose. For customers who reached the end of the quiz and were happy to be contacted by an agent, an email was triggered via Moments to an advisor, prompting an immediate call back.

The interactive quiz over RCS was setup via our customer engagement solution Moments that triggered the questions based on customer intent and replies.

For those who could not receive RCS messages or opted out, a seamless switch over to SMS was triggered via Moments along with an email notification..

  • Conversational chatbot: The SMS and Email campaign directed customers to a landing page where they could show interest in subscribing to the insurance plan. A conversational chatbot guided them through the process thanks to Infobip’s Live Chat powered by Answers.

The Infobip advantage

CX consultancy and implementation services: Infobip’s local team understood Life Insurance Department’s business and customer’s needs to deliver a personalized and cost-effective solution. They had a dedicated consultant with local knowledge to guide them in a proactive manner and bring the campaign to life.

Intuitive and easy interface: Infobip’s communication platform empowered Life Insurance Department’s team to implement RCS with maximum agility. The portal made it easy for them to make real-time adjustments during the campaign with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface.


11% conversion rate with a conversational marketing approach

The campaign targeted 15,000 customers, of which 20% were reached via RCS. The omnichannel setup ensured that undelivered RCS messages were sent via SMS, and for customers that didn’t have a mobile number an Email was sent. This ensured high deliverability of messages.

A similar campaign in 2020 over Email resulted in a 44.74% open rate and a conversion rate of only 0.05%. While Email worked well for transactional communications when it comes to lead generation, a conversational experience across the entire customer journey delivered better results.

With an objective of nurturing leads, Life Insurance Department at Covéa Group saw an increased conversion rate via RCS’s conversational experience – with 11% of customers asking for a call back and only one unsubscribe request.


Conversion rate

The rich media capabilities of RCS allowed for the insertion of the brand logo that provided reassurance, trust, and increased brand awareness.

Creating an end-to-end campaign on a single channel allowed the Life Insurance Department to provide enhanced conversational experiences and reduced the chances of losing a customer midway through their journey.

Working with Infobip allowed us to be more innovative, experiment, and deliver results in a simple and effective way. Infobip is a pioneer in conversational marketing campaigns via RCS powered by their cloud communications platform. Accessible documentation, local support and CX consultancy ensured smooth onboarding and implementation.

Natacha Levy

Life Insurance Department Marketing Manager – Covéa Group