Service description

Last updated: Wednesday, 22th Feb ’23


This document lists INFOBIP’s services and defines their chargeable events.

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Infobip does not warrant the availability of listed Channels in each country. Geographic coverage of Channels by country shall be agreed upon separately between the Infobip representative and the Customer. 

SaaS services




SaaS features:

The following is the list of features that, among other, come as part of one of SaaS services:

“Events” shall mean a feature within the solution provided by Infobip which allows tracking, storage and analysis of customer behaviour collected from mobile, web or 3rd party services;

“Flow” shall mean a visual tool provided by Infobip to Client that allows to build complex, multichannel communication flows based on a predefined audience or behavioural triggers within the solution provided by Infobip;

“Broadcast” shall mean a tool provided by Infobip to Client that enables the Client to send single channel one-time communication to End Users within the solution provided by Infobip;

“Mobile App Messaging” is a feature, available exclusively within the SaaS Services, which enables customers to deliver Push notification (messages which are sent over the Internet Protocol to the end users smartphone. They are  targeting the application which is previously installed by end user on the smartphone), using Apple Push Notification Service (APNS), Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) and Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) system, to end- user’s smartphone;

“Messenger” is a feature, available exclusively within the SaaS Services, that shall enable CLIENT to deliver mobile terminated standard and subscription messages to the Messanger Platform through the INFOBIP Platform as well as processing messages received  from Messenger Platform. “Messanger Platform” means the platform and associated systems, network connection and interfacing capabilities used and operated by Facebook. “Facebook” shall mean Facebook Inc, a company incorporated in the United States and whose registered office is situated at 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, California 94025

Channels / communication services



Number Lookup

Numbers and Shortcodes


Email validation service



Mobile App Messaging



WhatsApp Business Platform

Meta Tech Providers


Voice and Video



Call Link

Voice messages

Interactive voice response IVR

Click to call

Number Masking

SIP Trunking

Call Routing

Calling Name Delivery Service (“CNAM”)

Viber Business Calls

Inbound calls – Forward to phone number/IP

Missed call voice service description

Voice and Video recording

Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)

Live chat

Social media

Google Business Messages

Apple Business Chat

Viber Bot


RCS (Rich Communication Service)




911 Emergency Calling Services (USA)

Infobip Exchange