Anand Rathi: 40% increase in CTR with WhatsApp Chatbot built by Infobip


increase in CTR


increase in account renewals


decrease in contact center calls


Engaging a new generation of customers

Anand Rathi, one of India’s leading financial services firms specializing in wealth management and investment banking, was looking to diversify its customer base and reach out to a younger age group. To do that, the firm needed to educate and inform customers about investing and wealth management – as well as engage them with promotional offers to encourage them to buy other products.

However, Anand Rathi’s younger customer base was looking for a convenient and interactive experience over chat apps. In addition to not having a chat app as a communication channel, Anand Rathi also faced challenges when it came to:

  • Prompt access to research reports: Customers had to invest a minimum of 10 minutes to access research reports via phone or website
  • Contact center workload: Their contact center was inundated with simple queries that could be resolved by a chatbot, thereby affecting agent productivity and workload      
  • Re-engaging dormant customers: They were unable to effectively re-engage customers who had registered but were not transacting
  • Customer renewals: Sending notifications and offers in bulk resulted in customers missing important messages such as account-related updates and renewal dates
  • Conversion optimization: They needed to re-evaluate their messaging channels owing to optimize conversions

Anand Rathi needed a communications technology partner that empowered them to make vital information accessible on their customers’ preferred channel while reducing operating and messaging costs.


Creating a conversational chatbot over WhatsApp to boost engagement

With WhatsApp being the most popular channel among new-age customers, Anand Rathi collaborated with Infobip to build, evaluate, and deploy a highly customized chatbot over WhatsApp Business Platform.

To help Anand Rathi provide a personalized experience across the customer journey and increase engagement, we powered WhatsApp Business Platform with our chatbot-building platform Answers to engage with and solve customer issues.

Infobip’s implementation experts onboarded and trained the team at Anand Rathi on the best chatbot practices. Along with our easy-to-use drag-and-drop web interface, Anand Rathi employees could easily create effective journeys. Now their customers can reach out to them over WhatsApp for simple queries and the chatbot answers in real-time, leading to fast resolution with automated support.

Anand Rathi’s customers could opt-in for the WhatsApp Chatbot via online and offline sources. Once opted-in, a quick reply button would be triggered via our customer engagement solution Moments to verify if the customer was new or existing, and get the interaction started. Depending on the response the chatbot would carry forward the two-way engagement.

In addition to accessing reports, the combination of Moments and Answers ensured customers who opted into the WhatsApp chatbot were sent timely reminders and interest-based product suggestions and videos. The chatbot allowed Anand Rathi’s customers to interact with them directly, from chat initiation to resolution. The chatbot initiated real time interactions for sending:

  • Daily Intraday calls to trader customers
  • Timely reminder for advanced brokerage incomes and insurance renewals
  • Details and updates of new products through videos
  • Bazaar Bulletin monthly reports

Customers would receive reports within the WhatsApp chat and were able to reach any other services within the same conversation by choosing from the service options. The nature of the solution also allowed Anand Rathi to convert the support interactions into upselling opportunities for other products.


40% increase in click-through rate

Through the new WhatsApp chatbot, Anand Rathi consolidated the communication efforts and provided an interactive customer experience. The overall impact of our solution was a 40% increase in click-through rate– increasing from 20% to 60%.

The company also experienced:

Building a chatbot on WhatsApp using Infobip’s chatbot-building platform Answers has helped us introduce self-service options to customers. As a result, we’ve seen a reduction in the volume of queries coming to our customer care center and a 40% increase in click-through rates – rising from 20% to 60%. The onboarding assistance and servicing we received from Infobip have made sure that the integrations were easily made.

Navratan Bohra

Deputy Vice President of Operations & IT – Anand Rathi Share and Stock Brokers Ltd.