Farm Superstores: Reduced Operational Costs by 60% with a WhatsApp Business Chatbot


reduction in operational cost


An ever-expanding client base with an ever-expanding set of inquiries

Farm Superstores wanted to expand its business. However, the company was experiencing several challenges it had to overcome, including:

  • An overloaded customer service department: With all calls, queries, and demands directed towards the customer service department, it became increasingly difficult to provide customers with quality support. The backlog also led to longer customer wait times.
  • Lack of sufficient data on current customer behavior: Gathering data to create more personalized shopping experiences for their consumers became increasingly challenging. Farm Superstores needed an integrated AI system that could help with data consolidation and analysis.
  • Unoptimized customer experience: The launch of a new app led to an increase in customer queries, but not being available on their customers’ preferred channels led to unanswered questions and ultimately a loss in leads.

Farm Superstores was looking for digital-first solutions that would help them accommodate changing consumer needs and enhance its customer experience.


Creating personalized experiences with a WhatsApp Business chatbot

To enhance its customer experience and offer around-the-clock support, Farm Superstores implemented a WhatsApp Business chatbot using Infobip Answers. The chatbot is set up to answer frequently asked questions from customers and to offload repetitive queries from agents.

The retail company also uses Infobip Moments to send personalized updates that engage customers with messages about their latest promotions, back-in-stock items, and special offers. The reporting and analytics, along with the 360-customer view, offered through Conversations give Farm Superstores the insight they need to personalize customer interactions and build loyalty.

Additionally, having Conversations and Answers work together improves the company’s agent and customer experience. Now, customers can be transferred to the right agent after their query has been filtered through with the Farm Superstores chatbot – and agents have full access to the conversation history so they can carry on where they left off.


Substantial reduction in operational costs

Implementing a WhatsApp Business chatbot helped create personalized experiences for Farm Superstores’ customers, enabling the retailer to provide support and updates 24/7.

Leveraging WhatsApp as an all-encompassing hub of information and updates led to a reduced number of customer queries and a 60% reduction in operational costs.

Farm Superstores also experienced a 4% increase in revenue during the first three months of adoption – and has witnessed increased customer engagement, satisfaction, and brand awareness.

Adding Conversations and Answers to our mix of services was an excellent call. It has not only helped us reduce operational costs by 60%, but it has made us available to our customers at any time. By reaching them on their favorite channel, WhatsApp, we have been able to make every interaction with our stores more engaging for our customers.

Youssef Tuffaha

Marketing Manager, Farm Superstores

Company Profile

Farm Superstores

Saudi Marketing Company is one of the leading companies in the fields of retail, trading, and importing in Saudi Arabia. It was established in 1978 with its very first chain “Farm Superstores”, which is located in Dammam, Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. SAMCO now leads a chain of 90 branches spread across the Kingdom while having 17 mini markets serving prestigious and exclusive residential complexes, with plans to further expand its stores. Home to over 60,000 different products and serving a substantial portion of the Saudi market, the company recently converted from private to public (IPO). Farm Superstores also recently launched an app and loyalty program, reaching an even wider client base.