Tokio Marine: Faster policy renewals and 70% fewer complaints with SMS


SMS delivery rate


faster policy renewal process


decrease in customer complaints


Long and costly policy renewal processes

Insurance policy renewals were long and costly for Tokio Marine. Up to 20 of the insurer’s internal departments messaged customers directly because their databases were not unified.

Tokio Marine also relied on third-party messaging providers, and these two factors combined to create four challenges for the business:

  • Lack of alignment: This led to multiple departments inadvertently spamming customers.
  • Inefficient processes: Customer data was extracted from multiple databases and then manually input into a third-party messaging system for delivery.
  • Delivery and reporting: A lot of sent messages were undelivered but third-party sender reports could not explain why.
  • Lost sales: Customer complaints rose sharply. Contact center agents sought answers from messaging providers and needed up to three days to resolve complaints, leaving no time to upsell or cross-sell.

Tokio Marine sought to resolve these by partnering with external solution providers.


Using SMS to improve the policy renewal experience

Through Infobip, Tokio Marine’s IT and Development team received a customized solution that was secure, comprehensive, user-friendly, and well supported.

The leading insurance company used the solution daily to send customers SMS messages about policy updates, renewals, and promotions.

The solution has helped the company:

  • Unify multiple databases: Tokio Marine can monitor messages from a single location and prevent spamming customers in the future.
  • Identify issues for quick resolution: Infobip’s reporting features make it easy for Tokio Marine agents to target delivery issues quickly and resolve complaints efficiently.
  • Simplify delivery processes: Tokio Marine agents can message the right customers by uploading an Excel file containing relevant contact details to Infobip’s web interface.


90% delivery rates and a 2x faster policy renewal process

Working with Infobip and using SMS to stay connected with customers has led to significant results in terms of productivity, efficiency, and speed:

  • Policy renewals are completed 2x faster now
  • Delivery rates have risen from 50% to 90% with Infobip
demonstrating that delivery rates have risen to 90%
  • Customer complaints have decreased by 70% after switching to Infobip
demonstrating customer complaints have decreased by 70%
  • Two employees can do the work of 10 (sending messages, as well as monitoring and analyzing complaints), freeing the others to focus on revenue increasing activities such as upselling and cross-selling.

Infobip helped increase conversion rates by complementing the insurer’s existing tools to support customer behavior via Voice, Email, 2-Way SMS, and more.

Tokio Marine’s future plans are to further enhance its contact center with voice recognition chatbots.

We communicate with up to 150,000 subscribers daily and Infobip has given us measurable results in delivery, renewal time, and complaints handling. Their solution is easy to use and has significantly improved productivity. Two of us can manage tasks that previously needed 10 staff to complete! We now have time to focus on sales and customer service, helping us engage more customers using new communication channels.

Kriangkrai Kimchan

Assistant Manager, Back-end Development of Information Technology Department, Tokio Marine

Company Profile

Tokio Marine

Tokio Marine is a leading insurance provider in Thailand, entering the Thai market in 1997. Founded in Japan more than 140 years ago, it is is one of the most globally diversified and financially secure insurance groups in the world with operations in more than 45 countries. Tokio Marine is currently Japan’s largest insurance group with US$205 billion in assets and US$35 billion market capitalization.