Asia Insurance 1950: 9x faster policy renewal process with automated messaging


faster policy renewal


reduction in cost


Inefficient and expensive processes that took up valuable resources

Policy renewal was a lengthy and expensive process for Asia Insurance 1950 employees, clients, and intermediaries.

The process relied on staff and clients to communicate over the phone or face-to-face, and in most cases documents needed to be printed and posted. Additionally, the E-Policy process took an extended amount of time to complete when done over conventional channels.

Communication between clients, head office, and surveyors after policy activation was complicated. When Asia Insurance 1950 was notified of an accident, clients could not immediately receive information about their dedicated surveyor. This led to increased calls to the company and a lot of resources wasted trying to connect a client with a surveyor.

Asia Insurance 1950 realized it was necessary to automate their processes to serve customers better and faster, and in return save resources, time, and money. Meanwhile, customer privacy was also a concern when considering the option to provide digital services.


Integrating LINE and SMS with their CRM to automate and digitalize processes

Integrating Infobip’s LINE Notification Service and SMS channels with their CRM helped Asia Insurance 1950 automate tedious, time-consuming tasks and messaging campaigns.

Asia Insurance 1950 was able to undergo a digital transformation by automating its policy renewal process from start to finish.

Asia Insurance 1950 using LINE for customer engagement

When a client’s policy expiry date is approaching, an automated LINE message is sent to the client reminding them to renew their policy. The client can now directly click on the link in the message to begin their policy renewal and online payment process.

Asia Insurance 1950 uses automated SMS messages to connect surveyors with clients and to notify related parties involved in the process.

Automated SMS messages are also used to deliver one-time PINs (OTPs) to confirm the client’s identity since the entire renewal process is now done online. This also helps maintain security throughout the process, protecting the client’s personal information.

In addition to providing customer support through these channels, LINE notifications are also used for various marketing campaigns. These campaigns involve sending special offers to users who subscribed to a policy within a specific period or sending special offers during festive seasons.


9x faster policy renewal process resulting in an 83% reduction in costs and 60% reduction in workload

Automating Asia Insurance 1950’s communication has directly optimized their processes and resource management.

Asia Insurance accelerated policy renewals with Line

The traditional way of completing the policy renewal process used to last approximately two weeks. Now, this process lasts approximately five days.

Asia Insurance reduced costs by automating processes

By sending triggered Line messages to clients, Asia Insurance 1950 was able to reduce costs by 83% and back-office workload by 60%.

Asia Insurance automated processes and reduced workloads

As a result, communication between Asia Insurance 1950’s clients, surveyors, and intermediaries has been streamlined and security has been enhanced.

Working with Infobip helped us streamline our processes and reduce costs by 83%. Automating our messaging reduced our staff’s workload by 60% – allowing them to provide clients a superior level of service. We look forward to working with Infobip to integrate more channels with our CRM in the future.

Kittikorn Ponposh

Assistant Managing Director

Company Profile

Asia Insurance 1950

Founded in 1950, Asia Insurance 1950 is a company that has been registered for over 60 years in Thailand by the Asia Trust Bank Group. In 2005, Asia Insurance 1950 was the first and only insurance company in Thailand to invent Asia 3+ for Motor Insurance, of which 3+ became a ˝generic name˝ since. It is an iconic insurance product.