Track Conversion Rates and Promote Your App with our URL Shortener

More than a half of app developers face a challenge when it comes to promoting their apps, are you one of them?

It’s hard to go viral without word of mouth and friend recommendations, with Infobip’s SMS social invites you’ve already done half the work. By including SMS as your promotional channel, existing users can message their friends, inviting them to try out your awesome app. Such promotional messages don’t cost them a thing, so there’s nothing stopping them from recommending the app.

The incoming SMS message displays a friend’s contact as the sender, which guarantees higher open rates, and that’s not even the best part. To speed up conversion, that SMS contains a direct download link, so all it takes is two steps – open the SMS and click the link – to get a new user.

But what to do if your URL is too long?

What if it takes up most of the 160 characters available for each SMS message content? We’ve developed the URL shortening solution which will not only automatically shorten your long links but it will also track your users click-through rates (CTR). Problem solved!

Just put the original URL into the message body, set the `track` parameter and everything else will be done by the Infobip platform.

These features are set in the tracking objects in the Fully featured textual message API method:

Your users will receive the original SMS message only with the shortened URL:

Hey, take a look at this awesome app. Can you beat my score:

Important: Each sent message gets a unique Infobip short URL and it will take only 25 characters out of your app message invite.

Click-through rates (CTR) are being tracked as soon as the user clicks the link, we can automatically send you the user’s phone number so you will instantly know when the conversion happens.

Additionally, we collect CTR together with other useful information:

User’s mobile phone number Network prefix Country prefix Mobile phone operating system

Contact us for any additional information and setup assistance, we’ll be glad to help.

Nov 19th, 2015
2 min read