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Ask Customers for Product Reviews

diagram for customer review use case

More information about customer interests and preferences will help you make informed stocking decisions and improve your products and operations. In the end, this will add to your relationship with customers, your seller reliability, and ward off problems that might arise in the future.

This use case shows how to send email messages to customers with a review link for each item they bought and ask about their experience with your products. We will create two-way communication by using our visual builder, data platform, and email messages.


This communication can be modified to include SMS instead of email messages, or you could combine the two channels because some of your customers might prefer one or the other.

Process Workflow

process workflow diagram for product review


You need to set up a few things before going to the Infobip visual builder and start putting the communication blocks together. 


Navigate to People module > Events > New Event Definition and create a PurchaseFinished Event Definition ID. This event will help you get the information that the customer has made the purchase.

purchase finished event

The instructions for developers about the event tracking are available on the Events page, under the Web SDK Library tab.

web sdk library

tracking events on cpaas

Set up tracking for the PurchaseFinished event you created for this communication. Copy the tracking method code to the body of your website. 

tracking events on communication platform

Repeat the steps for the other event - Review Left - that you will need to use in this communication.


Event tracking is possible when customers are logged in to your website.

Next, set up the list of items to be included in the message, including their properties: name, price, and URL. Once the customer opens your email, they will see each product followed by the review link.

list of attributes

Steps Over Web Interface

  1. On the Infobip web interface, go to Moments > Create Flow and select People Real-Time Event as the communication starter using the PurchaseFinished event that you created.

communication trigger on customer engagement platform

  1. Add the email channel (you will have to set it up to be able to use it). Use the side panel to design your email. Include the list of items you created earlier.

email designer on cpaas

    Type in the number of items you want to be shown in the email.

items list in abandoned cart

  1. The next building block is the Wait for an event one: select the Review Left event (create this event as shown in the Prerequisites section) so that the Flow can get information about this user action.

event in customer journey

          At the bottom of the side panel, select the Wait Time – how long you want to wait before you send another message to those who did not click the link.

  1. Send a thank you message to the customers who reacted to your first email, and send another review email to those who didn`t. Remember to include the list of items as shown in step 2.

email communication with customers

  1. You have put together all the building blocks, now Validate and Launch this communication!

communication on cpaas

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