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High-level overview for lead generation use case

If you are in real-estate business, then you know how important it is to provide timely, relevant, and detailed information to potential customers. They would like to find out all information about floor plans, pricing, and building materials, and they want to get that information now.

In order to provide that information, you can build a real-estate chatbot which will help you with your lead generation process.

If a customer is interested in a particular property, they can leave their information inside their favorite chat app, which will then land in your internal CRM system. That way, a new lead will be automatically generated, and your sales representatives can follow up with that customer.

This use case shows how you can create a chatbot that can offer property information to users and help create leads.


Process workflow for lead genertaion use case



  1. Prepare all the materials and links chatbot will send
  2. Check API integration with the CRM system
  3. Design the flow of the dialogs

Steps over Web Interface

  1. Login to the web interface and select Answers module.
  2. Click Create chatbot button and create a new chatbot. Select the channel and name the bot.
  3. Create intents for each of the property you offer to guide your users to correct conversations.

Sample intents for real estate lead generation

  1. As the dialogs will branch according to end-user choices, you will need keywords to be able to process user input. Create all the necessary keywords needed in dialogs.


Sample keywords for lead generation

  1. After you have created keywords, you also need to create attributes where the contact information you receive will be saved.


Sample attributes for lead generation


  1. As the dialogs will branch according to end-user choices, you will need keywords to be able to process user input. Create all the necessary keywords needed in dialogs.

  1. You can start building dialogs now. Use Default dialog with the fixed attribute lastReceivedMessage to sort where are the incoming messages coming from (for example, if you had a promo campaign on different channels and want to know which channel generated the most leads).

Default dialog configuration for lead generation

  1. In this case, the Default dialog needs to be followed by a Conditions element and then by a Coding element where the incoming message is parsed into attribute value.

Gather data from which channel has the user arrived

  1. After the code is parsed, send the user to the main dialog where you share what type of information the chatbot can provide (use To Dialog element).

Main menu options for lead generation

  1. Add User Input element to process what the users are interested in and branch the conversation according to the choices available to them.
  2. Once you know what property the user wants to know more about, send them the required information. If you will send more than one item (pricing, floor plans, pictures), add the Delay element so that the messages don’t arrive all at the same time.


Delay element in sending information for lead generation

  1. After giving the users all the required information, you can ask them if they might be interested in talking with an agent regarding possibilities of buying or renting.


Leave information for lead generation

  1. Process their input, and in case they are interested send them to the dialog where you will gather the necessary information.


Save received contact information for lead generation

  1. Use Attribute element to save the information the user provides (email address, telephone number, etc.)
  2. Once you have gathered all the user information, use the Call API element to send it to your internal CRM system for lead generation.

Call API to CRM to save leads

  1. When the dialog configuration is finished, use the Simulator to check if they perform as designed and whether they send the correct files where necessary.

  2. As the last step, activate the chatbot.


You can also use Conversations and send the users to talk directly with agents, not just leave their contact information.

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